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Sunday Self Care Tip #2

September 24th, 2023

Dear Reader

I am the last person to take my own advice sometimes, but this nugget of wisdom, I just keep coming back to over and over again reminding myself. But it is much easier to remember when I fill my bottles (yes, plural because I have several of these) with water and leave them around my house.

This bottle came all the way from Maui. I first came across these when I met Kayden Radhe in 2017 at a women's circle with another mutual friend. I immediately fell in love with the bottles and for good reason! This here bottle with the words ALOHA written across the side, is energizing my water with ALOHA, or love!

Coming from the teachings of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work on the power of words on ice crystals, we can see clearly why having powerful high vibration words on our water containers (and food containers also) is so so beneficial!! If you're not familiar with Dr. Emoto or his teachings, begin with his book, "The Hidden Messages In Water." Or if you're already familiar with his work and want to teach your children about the power of words (and how to help our Earth) then read them the book, "The Secret of Water: for the children of the world" by Masaru Emoto. I first read that book to my classroom of third grade students (yes, I used it as a supplement to the water cycle curriculum) and they absolutely loved it! It helped them to realize how important it is to care for our water but also about the words we use in our daily living. Do you ever catch yourself speaking negatively about yourself??? Whoooaaa.... stop that! You create more negativity in your life when you do!

Of course, there are many different things to consider when speaking about water, like how much water we need to drink AND whether tap water or bottled water is better. What I feel is most important though is the safe guarding of our water to be accessible freely to all. As with everything on our planet that is good for us, someone somewhere wants to take ownership and make profits from natural resources, especially this amazing all natural resource. But water is a gift from the Earth and should NOT be monetized nor controlled. And if you knew how to purify water with your mind... well... that's for another time... but by utilizing these beauties, the BLUE BOTTLE LOVE, immediately revitalizes your water and begins to neutralize the water back to its original state... pure love!

For our bit of self care, and since our body is made up of water, they say between 75%-90% depending upon our age, we need to continuously replenish our body as we excrete it through our sweat glands and urination. And since water is alive, it's conscious, why not make it extra vibrant for greater health benefits as it goes into your body by doing some of the things Kayden tells us from her research:

*Solarize your water in the sun for 20-30 minutes prior to drinking.

*Play music for your water using frequencies, solfeggio music, or Mozart.

*Speak to your water telling it your desires/intentions before you drink it.

*Visualize your throat chakra, the spiritual center in your neck area, to be balanced and harmonious as you drink from the Blue Cobalt bottle, creating healthier and more loving dialogue.

*And just in case you can't get a beautiful Cobalt BLUE BOTTLE LOVE right yet, simply take a BLUE permanent marker and write your own power words on a clear jar and do the same solarization of it in the sunshine prior to drinking.

As I consider any other words of wisdom with water, I want to remind you, your own body knows what it needs. So whether you drink 8 glasses a day or 3, YOUR BODY knows what it needs. And it is different than mine or your parents. So.... before telling someone they should have a gallon or 8 glasses, remember, our own body knows best!

Just like eating any food... your own body knows best what it needs... and it just may be that 3 scoops of ice cream! It's only bad if you THINK it's bad... but that's for another time. So until then, get your water charged up with some extra LOVE!!


Rev. Gail Lynn

Want to know more about BLUE BOTTLE LOVE or Kayden's research on water and Cobalt Blue Color therapy, visit her website:

You can find these bottles, and Kayden, at:

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