The Heroine's Journey:

  A tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws


Chapter 1

My HEROINE"S JOURNEY began with a not so ordinary life. Abuse and trauma began at a very young age.  


Chapter 2

 The call to adventure.  


Chapter 3



Chapter 4

Lily Dale, Mentors, and Mysticism


Chapter 5


I traveled to New Jersey with my dad. 

"What? I have Lyme disease???   


Chapter 6

Who Do I Trust? 


Chapter 7

Conflicts and Obstacles

A school setting is supposed to be friendly.  Another trip to the hospital... 


Chapter 8

A stroke of Bad Luck... well, I wanted to die. 

Chapter 9

Follow Your Heart... I decided to head to Hawaii for a summer healing journey.  

Chapter 10 

The Gift of Love

Chapter 11

Interview at Heaven's Gate

June 2017, on the Big Island, my spirit left my body and crossed the veil, "you have free will" said the angel. 

Chapter 12

 The one holding the paddles, like two yellow suns side by side above my chest, yelled out, "CLEAR!"

 Chapter 13

Are the Iranian the Magi who visited Jesus and brought him gifts? 

Chapter 14

Am I good enough for him?

Chapter 15

"The board of education directed you to undergo a medical examination to assess your ability to perform... "  

Chapter 16

Integrating Wisdom 

Chapter 17

I put my hand on my heart and began speaking to my body, "It's okay. We will be fine." 


Love's Potential

October with P in Maui was perfect. In December we flew to Colorado. Pulling out my journal one night, I noticed something. I began reading my journal entries and realized, I created it all. 

Now what???