The Heroine's Journey:

  A tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws


Chapter 1

My HEROINE"S JOURNEY began with a not so ordinary life. Abuse and trauma began at a very young age. Obsessive compulsive behaviors became a mechanism to find comfort in an unstable world with a single parent and three siblings. Growing up in an environment feeling unworthy and unloved led to searching for worth and love and truth my whole life.  


Chapter 2

Somewhere along the path of 50 years, I became a wife (twice) and mother of three beautiful children. I went back to school and then became an elementary school teacher. But memories still haunted me. Those memories were validated on July 4, 2011 when my fiancé wrenched the engagement ring off my finger and left me. "YOU'RE NOT ENOUGH" slapped me in the face. And then within minutes, I got what author Joseph Campbell refers to as, "the call to adventure". My oldest son called. "Mom, are you alright? Did you hear the news? Did you get a call about Josh?"  Every cell in my body froze.  "WHAT?"  


Chapter 3

Resistance or failure? 

I crossed the threshold of what I could handle.  


Chapter 4

Lily Dale, Mentors, and Mysticism

I knew when I was sitting there with my friends that the medium would pick me last to get a message. "Why do you let that a**hole get you all worked up?" 

"He has a disease" I hissed. 



Chapter 5


I traveled to New Jersey with my dad. 

"What? I have Lyme disease??? What is that???  


Chapter 6

Who Do I Trust?

More trials and tribulations... the spiritual people I have met don't seem so "spiritual" to me... where do I belong?  Seeds of fear are planted in my mind.  


Chapter 7

Conflicts and Obstacles

A school setting is supposed to be friendly. For eighteen years I loved teaching. Why is she bullying me? It's like she hates me. Another trip to the hospital... 


Chapter 8

A stroke of Bad Luck.  That's what the school nurse said. "You're having a stroke. We need to get you to the hospital." Was it the stress? Or was it my prayers to God? Did I ask for this? 

Chapter 9

Follow Your Heart

Consumed with the thought of getting my life back, I decided to head to Hawaii for a summer healing journey. Hay House Writers Conference would assist me writing to heal. A shaman could help me too.

Chapter 10 

The Gift of Love

Can the love of a stranger really change our health? 

Chapter 11

Interview at Heaven's Gate

June 2017, on the Big Island, I died and went to heaven... and an angel tells me I have a choice; I can continue to cross over or return to Earth. And then a voice reminds me, "your children need you. They need to know." 

Chapter 12

The Return

When I opened my eyes, my body was on a table in an emergency room, surrounded by doctors and nurses. The one holding the paddles, like two yellow suns side by side above my chest, yelled out, "CLEAR!"

 Chapter 13

Love, The Healing Elixir

Why don't the news stations tell Americans how beautiful and compassionate the Iranian people are? Aren't they the Magi who visited Jesus and brought him gifts? 

Chapter 14

Face Your Fears

Driving back to the house, I reprimanded myself for caring about P so much. War raged inside me. All of the fear of abandonment came to the forefront of my mind.  

Chapter 15

Stamp of Approval

"The board of education directed you to undergo a medical examination to assess your ability to perform... " I felt the fury rising in me again. 

Chapter 16

Integrating Wisdom

I got my life back. I started back to school like all the other teachers, but it wasn't long before the honeymoon period ended.

Chapter 17

 Take Back Your Life

I put my hand on my heart and began speaking to my body, "It's okay. We will be fine." 


Love's Potential

October with P in Maui was perfect. In December we flew to Colorado. Pulling out my journal one night, I noticed something. I began reading my journal entries and realized, I created it all. 


I have changed!

I am awake now... 

How may I serve?