Wellness Coach
  • Aroma touch technique session 30 min.  $45  or       60 min. $88 

  • REIKI Energy Healing 30 min.  $45

  •  EFT Session 30 min.  $45

  •  Wellness consultation with essential oils (includes 1 roller bottle of essential oils blended and personalized with REIKI or EFT) 60 min.  $88

  • Address Wellness naturally 


Email Gail Lynn to set appointment and arrange payment

Intuitive Reading

     Oracle Cards 30 minutes $45 or 60 min $88

* available by phone or skype, travel to your home additional $20

     Group parties Available -  (up to 6 People)   


                        Please contact me to set up appointment

    EMAIL Gail Lynn to set appointment and arrange payment





     60 minute Session (ancient Hawaiian practice)  $88


Using this ancient Hawaiian healing practice, I will teach and assist individuals to remove blocks that keep one stuck in negative states of mind and to reconcile the self with others past and present.  This addresses family patterns that have been created over many lifetimes. As we clean up the "wrong" or mistakes of not only our past, but the past of our ancestors, we open the doorway for greater peace, harmony, and happiness.   The session includes:

  • discussion of the three selves

  • a stated prayer of protection

  • guided meditation for breath work and mana

  • participation in a karmic cleanse and self cleanse through the Ho'oponopono individualization process.

  • forgiveness and release writing

  • written acknowledgement and gratitude for healing recieved

  • closing ceremony

speaker / workshop presenter
  • Topics include: 

  • Heal Lyme Disease Naturally 

  • Healing Old Patterns

  • Take Back Your Life

  • Law of Attraction Life Coach 

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Clearing Family karma

  • The Hero/Heroines Journey

  • Wishes Fulfilled

  • Becoming a Spiritual Healer

  • Essential Oils Basics / Essential Oils for Wellness

  • Why Your Parents Childhood should matter to you

  • The secret of Manifesting

  • The Laws of the Universe

  • Being Supernatural

  • Heal Thyself 

  • Karmic Cleanse

  • Energy Healing

  • Lily Dale and Spiritual Retreats 

Guesthouse hostess

Hostess/Proprieter for Guesthouse in Lily Dale:

Wishes Fulfilled Retreat


See more about the weekend get away retreat or staying at the guesthouse check online at Airbnb for Wishes Fulfilled Retreat