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*As a faith based retreat/minister, donations/Tithes are accepted

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy  includes a 60minute therapy session plus 30 minute pre-interview. Each session is individualized for you, my client, where we discuss your goals, intentions, and desires for change and improvements in the pre-interview, then in therapy session, I use guided imagery to get you into a heightened state of consciousness, allowing you to open to and IMPLEMENT the positive suggestions you stated you wish to achieve in your life. (Appointments available in person or on zoom) Donation/tithe offering accepted $100-125.00 for 90 minute appointment)

  • Regression Hypnotherapy (early childhood regression, birth/womb regression/between lives, and past life regression) includes 120 minutes exploration of two different experiences of your choice and 30 minute pre-interview. Within regression sessions, clients have discovered answers to long sought after questions regarding family patterns, relationship issues, trauma, and have used the experience to heal family lineage, relationships, illness, financial blocks, sickness, and so much more. Donation/Tithe offering from $150-$250.00 for the 2.5 hour session.) 


  • Aroma Touch Technique is a powerful essential oil experience developed by Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical officer and chairman of the Medical Advisory board of doTERRA. With an application of eight essential oils along the spine and feet, I work to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and return the body to a state of homeostasis. Combining the wisdom of energy, sound, touch, and the olfactory sense of smell, you will leave with an overall sense of well being with important benefits relevant to healthy immune response, inflammatory response, wound healing, and overall cellular health. (Read more about the health benefits of the eight essential oils *Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, On Guard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, and Peppermint at Donation/Tithe offering from $100-$125.00 for 55 min. session.)    

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping)   

  • Spiritual/Ministerial Counseling  

  • Wedding Ceremony Officiant

  • REIKI and positive energy is infused with every interaction. 



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Intuitive Reading

                                            30 minutes

                              Faith based donations have ranged from $50-$100






Fall Retreat 2023 

To Register call:

* Retreat to self care

* Retreat to empower yourself

* Retreat to meet new friends

* Retreat to change old habits and create new ones

* Retreat to laugh, participate in Sound Bath, learn ancient wisdom (Wisdom Teachings) and tools to help you TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! 


FRIDAY 5PM-9PM (includes sound bath meditation & WT)

Saturday 8AM-9pm (Includes meditation, WT, REIKI share, fire ceremony, blessing Walk, and more)

Sunday 8AM-2PM (includes meditation, WT, dance therapy, etc)

vegetarian meals and overnight accommodations included

Donation $333-444 sliding scale (you choose what to donate) 

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Return to ho'oponopono

  Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice to clear negative karma  


Using this ancient Hawaiian healing practice, I will teach and assist individuals to remove blocks that keep one stuck in negative states of mind and to reconcile the self with others past and present.  This addresses family patterns that have been created over many lifetimes. As we clean up the "wrong" or mistakes of not only our past, but the past of our ancestors, we open the doorway for greater peace, harmony, and happiness.    

              *add the life changing ho'oponopono experience onto a session for a donation and receive a free book, RETURN TO HO"OPONOPONO; a pocket guide to ancient healing. 


speaker / workshop presenter

  • The Heroine's Journey... and how it relates to YOU

  • Healing Lyme Disease Naturally 

  • Take Back Your Life

  • Natural Laws/Universal Laws 

  • Ho'oponopono & Clearing Negative karma

  • Becoming a Spiritual Healer

  • Essential Oils Basics / Essential Oils for Wellness

  • Why Your Parents Childhood should matter to you

  • Principles of Spiritualism

  • Covid, Karma, and Reincarnation

Guesthouse hostess

Hostess/Proprieter for Guesthouse in Lily Dale:

Wishes Fulfilled Retreat


See more about the weekend get away retreat or staying at the guesthouse check online at Airbnb for Wishes Fulfilled Retreat


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