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April 5, 2024

Dear Reader,

Have you ever come across a picture (or statue) and had an eerie feeling as if you were looking at yourself? AND even more eerie, have you even been someplace and began having visions of things happening there as you stood gazing at the scene... and suddenly saw yourself in the scene... but in a different time? Near death experiences do things to your brain that allow you to see life differently.

While exploring healing opportunities on the Big Island Hawaii in 2017, I was brought to a secluded area where there were tide pools among the cliffs that led to the ocean. Beautiful turtles played in the waves and sunbathed among the jagged rocks.

Before traversing down to one of the tide pools, I stood in awe and wonder facing the grand Pacific with my arms out just so, both sending and receiving healing energy from the ocean. I stood taking in all the healing the sun and droplets of water splashing against the stone had in store for me. I felt Mother Earth healing me. It was a powerful moment and felt ... well... there was a dejavue moment and an impression left upon me.

I also remember this moment vividly with so many emotions racing through my body. I was a little uncomfortable with my nakedness in the company of an individual I only recently met. Moments of fear were replaced with a desire for healing. And I was in old "natural" Hawaii and without a suit, so I followed suite. The ocean was calling to me.

This afternoon was a monumental moment you can read about in my book (The Heroine's Journey) but even greater was the moment I laid eyes on this stunning piece of art work in Lahaina Maui on Front Street the following month and had the eerie feeling that someone secretly captured my special moment in my nakedness on the Big Island the previous month. But how can that be???

From across the street I laid eyes on this piece of work standing just inside the art gallery. It drew me in with a strong magnetic pull. I just cannot explain the depth of emotion I felt and the memories that flooded my mind.

"That's me" I kept saying to myself. "How can that be?"

I turned to my friend Kim who I was walking with and said to her, "I just did that pose on Big Island last month. That's a little creepy. It's like someone took a picture of me when I had my little daring escapade and made a clone of me!"

Intrigued, I began walking through the gallery looking at more sculptures by the same artist. Soon, we were approached by a staff member asking if we wanted to see a special piece by the artist that was in a private showing room in the back.

"Of COURSE!" I exclaimed.

Kim and I followed the young lady into a private showing room. It was a small room with a sofa facing a sculpture sitting upon a pillar. The beautiful sculpture was lit up from the bottom. As I got closer, my heart began racing. I studied the faces with an odd feeling that I was looking at my self looking at the love of my life. The woman appeared to be gazing deeply into her beloveds eyes. I was mesmerized. Tears began falling from my eyes. I knew I was dying in the arms of the man I loved.

"I'll love you forever" he said to me.

I said the words back, but only in my mind. My soul left the body and I fell limp in his arms as explosions kept tormenting him. War was being waged against us. A surprise attack caught us all off guard.

"I'll love you forever"... I whispered again and again.

I turned and looked at Kim wiping away the tears that wouldn't stop. "That's me."

The curator ran out of the room. Kim led me to the sofa and we both sat in amazement at the beautiful piece of art. I turned to look at Kim.

"I know this sounds crazy, but that's me. And I was killed by explosions in the war with Japan. I was so in love. I wanted him to hear me, Kim, but he couldn't hear my words. But I'll love him forever, wherever he is."

Then the door slid open to the room and the curator was holding a paper out for me to take. Her trembling, coupled with her stare frightened me.

It was an information sheet on the artist, Michael Wilkinson, and his piece, THIS piece, called, FOREVER.

Did Michael "clone" me? No. Did he draw upon his memories, intuition, and mysteries of the universe to capture a moment in time that actually happened for us both? Maybe. Maybe some mysteries aren't meant to be "solved". Maybe we are just meant to experience the mysteries of life... and be in awe of the mysterious.

It's been almost 7 years since that summer of amazing events in Hawaii. Everything from healing Lyme disease, to a NDE, to visions of love and war, to Ho' a new way to look at life... was all made possible in my homeland of Hawaii.

Hawaii holds a special place in my heart. She is a lover, a healer, a mother, a caretaker. Blessed is the person who loves her back.

Until next time reader, look for and embrace the mysteries of life!


Gail Lynn

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