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RETURN to Ho'oponopono; return to love

September 27th 2022

Dear Reader,

Do you ever wonder why you were born? Do you ever wonder how life began, what your purpose is, or even how life happens to be good for some people and difficult for others?

Most people usually wait until a crisis happens before they begin thinking these kinds of things, but I guess that's how life goes. We wait until we're sick to figure out why and how we got sick. We wait until we lost a relationship or job or home before we delve into solving the problem. But what if we were more proactive instead of reactive? I wonder all the time, "what if?"

What if we were more loving BEFORE we lost the relationship? What is we were more mindful of our health BEFORE we got sick? What if we were more aware of gratitude BEFORE we lost our home, our job, our relationship, our health. Well, all these thoughts of wonder came about after I lost my health, a significant relationship, and a job.

As my son used to say when he was in high school learning those tough lessons, "I had to learn the hard way." And that is what has been happening the past few years as more and more people have faced difficult situations in their life. The obstacle... led them to see life differently. It has led people to see how we play a role in the tough experiences we face. We are THEE lead character in our story and WE are the cause to every effect. And guess what... that little devil... you know the one... it sits on your shoulder, opposite the angel.... well... he whispers in our ear, tempting us, telling us we are not worthy. And what happens is, if we don't silence that little demon, we believe him, we believe we are unworthy, unloved, not good enough, that others hate us, that we will never measure up. And then we make bad choices. We react negatively. We lower our standards. Oftentimes, the inner child has been wounded so much, that we believe everything that the man in the red suit is whispering in our ear (and I don't mean Santa Claus).

Here's the good news.... there is a consciousness in the ether that knows our heart. There is a omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient that hears our spoken word as well as our thought. And all WE have to do, is recognize our mistake, take responsibility for our wrong-doings, make amends, and seek forgiveness. We are to turn away from doing the things that we would not want done to us. We are to heed the golden rule. AND if we do reconcile our mistakes with others, we clear our energy, our mind, our karma... THAT is why we need to return to love, return to Ho'oponopono. It is the answer to "why are we here?" ~ to return to love. And ho'oponopono is the process by which we do that. Ho'oponopono can be a POWERFUL practice that takes one from sickness to wellness. It can take us from poverty to prosperity. It has the capability to transform our life.

There is nothing new under the sun. The sin (mistakes) of the forefathers go three and four generations. WE have THEIR mistakes within our DNA. The past poverty, past broken relationships, past sickness, past wrongs, past wars, past history... is in our DNA. The triggers WE have are often the result of past experiences that live as memories in our DNA.

What is the history of your family ancestry??? What war was your ancestor in? What role do you have with the holocaust? What tie does your family have with WWI? or the Boston Tea Party? Or the trials that led to witch burnings, burnings from executions? What tie does an ancestor have with land taken from the natives? What is the connection between your family ancestors and the mafia or hitmen or corrupt systems? THAT is where you will find the cause of many fears, phobias, money problems, unworthiness, sickness, disease, and death.

Can you fathom the actions of King Herod and the chain of events/karma that that one event has had in our world... considering natural law... spiritual law... universal laws... laws of God... of Physics... the karma through the generations??? Check out the Old Testament... Kings.... and then ask yourself, "what sins are in my family ancestry and am I creating more for my future family generations?"

Ask yourself, "what sin/mistake" is our family still dealing with today from your past ancestors?"


TURN AWAY? Return to Ho'oponopono... love thy neighbor. Love thy enemy.

Who can you send loving energy to right now, today? How can YOU make the world a better place for your children, grandchildren, your extended family, your community? How can YOU help heal the relationships, the karmic debt between countries of this Earth??

We are all consciousness... learning to return to love. Your inner child knows this. Your divine super conscious knows this. Your heart knows this.

I am sorry for whatever harm, sorrow, or suffering I have caused you or your ancestors, from the beginning of time to this present moment. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I have made mistakes in my past. My family ancestors have made mistakes. We have been in wars, in poverty, in famine, in experiments, in trials, in sin/mistakes/wrong thought. Please forgive us. And we too forgive you. We see differently now. I see differently. I see you. I see the god in you. I see your inner child healing. I love you. Please love me back. Thank you. Thank you for grace and compassion. Thank you for loving me and seeing me with new eyes.

With love, I return to ho'oponopono.


Gail Lynn

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