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Your emotion effects your Food!

October 15, 2023

Dear Reader,

Whenever you are preparing a meal, or a dish to bring to a picnic or BBQ or holiday, keep your emotions in a positive state of joy and bliss! Smile! Play some upbeat music! And no matter what, do NOT prepare a meal when you are in a low vibrational state. Again, DO NOT prepare food or drink if you are in a state of a low vibration, lower consciousness, (that would include emotions of guilt, shame, grief, fear, anger). Ask Dr. David R. Hawkins MD if you want to know why... or read his research or any of his books.

Im happy to share this information with you that I've learned over the years. It helps humanity as a whole to be more conscious of life. So, "conscious" seems like the latest buzz word, but it simply means to be aware of your environment AND of your own existence. Consciousness is what so many people are stepping into these days. When you are "conscious", aware of something, you can consciously choose to have the effect that you wish to have rather than a default effect.

Why, you may wonder, am I bringing this up?

Well... the short version... if you knew your food was spoiled, would you eat it? Of course not! And what you May not know is that research has demonstrated how our emotions (which are a vibration) DOES effect things around us.... like food and water for example.

If the cook in the restaurant is angry, just went through a breakup or fight with a friend, or was just pulled over for speeding and feels shame, and carries that into the kitchen as he/she begins the shift preparing your food... then there is a high chance that your food is no longer a high quality (ie: whether organic, vegetarian, gluten free, home made, whatever...). Negative emotions are like toxins.

If you've ever heard of muscle testing, also known as kinesiology, you could test the food before you eat it. If it tests as a low vibration or "weak", simply use another tool in your repertoire to amend the low vibration, low quality to raise its vibration!

What "tools" do you have to change the quality of food you eat? Or don't you? One of mine... is prayer. Temp me what YOU would use? How else can we change the vibration of food to make it healthier? Do you know? Or what practice do you incorporate while cooking or before eating? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Ever try turning water into wine? ;)

I'm off to cook now so first thing... I'll check my playlist of music to see what mood I'd like to enliven my food with! Spicy? Sweet? Romantic? Dance party bliss? Or serenity?

Until next time,

Happy cooking!

Rev. Gail lynn

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1 Comment

This is SO True. Look at what Dr Emoto showed with water changing it's shape with negative emotions, unsettling music etc, as opposed to saying to it "I love you" or praying over it. It becomes beautiful crystalline shapes! Just look him up on the web, you'll be amazed. Thank you Gail for the insight in your blog today, that too is a positive blesssing/ :) Marc

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