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You Are Energy...

November 15, 2022

Dear Reader,

YOU are energy... and so am I. Yes, we have a physical body, but at the core of who, or what, we are, is energy. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. So, if you could just see yourself and everyone around you and everything about you as energy, and give everything a number on a scale of vibrations/frequencies, seeing it from low to high... kind of like various wattages of a light bulb... then just maybe you could understand life these days a little better.

For example, a light bulb with a high wattage, is quite bright! You know that a 120watt bulb is much brighter than a 40watt bulb. You can SEE better in lighting with that higher watt, right? What if your emotion of JOY was making YOU shine like a bright light bulb? Pretty cool, huh? And what would be at the opposite end of that feeling of joy? Maybe grief or depression? Now consider... what if sickness ONLY occurred when your "wattage" (vibration) was low? Or what if sickness itself, was placed on one of these scales. I bet it would be right next to shame and grief, or along the lines of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work, it would be where someone says, "You make me sick."

So go ahead and take a look above at Abraham Hick's Emotional scale. To the far left you have the color red and emotions like fear, grief, depression, etc. Go ahead and scan that scale and compare it to the one above it by David Hawkins and the levels of consciousness. Then take a good look at the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his research on WORDS and how words effect water, which... cough, cough... ehem...water makes up the cells in our body. Oh boy!!!! Right?! Are you getting it?? I get excited just reviewing this with you so much so that I want to jump through the screen here and grab your hands and dance with you!! Why??? Because... if you FEEL enthusiasm, eagerness, positivity, joy... then you effect the cells in your body!! Now, of course, you have to sustain that feeling for a little bit, just as Dr. Emoto froze the water as it listened to certain sounds/words/music. It's not instantaneous in seconds.... well, or is it?? How fast is the speed of sound?

If you look at the solfeggio frequencies and their place on the scales next to Dr. Emoto's work, you can determine for yourself and make some inferences to ascertain what hz may help YOU in your life today, right? I mean, I'm not a doctor, I don't diagnose or treat people or offer medical advice, but I am an educated free thinker, a researcher and writer, a spiritual minister and teacher... and I do offer information for YOU to REVIEW. I also offer spiritual counseling, life coaching, and you, as spirit, have FREE WILL to choose how to go about your each and every day. YOU choose what to put in your body, on your body, and how to assist your body in any healing. The BODY heals itself. Medicine doesn't heal the body. Medicine of ANY kind is merely an energy, a vibration, just like sound and spoken words are a vibration. All things we do simply assist the body to heal itself! Whether we speak to the body using ho'oponopono, mantras, or prayer, or whether we play solfeggio frequencies for our body, everything we do, is an action, a vibration emitting energy!

As Wayne Dyer once said, "thoughts are things"... they (thoughts) are energy forms. And how we speak, whether positively or negatively, ... will positively or negatively effects life around us, most importantly, our own! Our words are a vibration resonating out into the universe and returns to us in likeness! THAT my dear reader, is the implications of energy (and universal laws)!!

Until next time, keep vibrating high!

Gail Lynn

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