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July 17, 2022

(Began November 1, 2021…but got lost in space)

Dear Reader,

Every time I look at the front cover of my latest book, I fall in love all over again. It reminds me of the healing journey I took to Hawaii where I discovered the secrets of healing. Of course Hawaii was a huge part of the healing process, but one doesn't need to go there to heal. I WOULD suggest, however, that you learn the Hawaiian practice of ho'oponopono and more importantly DO ho'oponopono. Done right, it has the power to bring YOU great benefits and receive miracles in your life also!

Many people think ho'oponopono is simply reciting four statements that go along with this healing practice, but there's so much more to it. I recall hearing people use this as a mantra, sounding like the Charlie Brown teacher, "waaa-wa, wa, wa, waaaa"... I'm sorry bla, bla, bla. But, lIke any good and meaningful endeavor, one must put effort and value into the practice in order to have the best outcome. I mean, you wouldn't hire a contractor without skills or knowledge of his work to build you a home would you? Well, the same should be considered as you build your life better with ho'oponopono. You must learn the theory of ho'oponopono in order to use it as a key to a more happier and prosperous life!

Ho'oponopono is the foundation of a solid, happy home! It is the reason for great relationships that flourish. It is the premise behind abundance in your life. AND... it can be the cure for illness! Can you believe THAT?? Yes, that's right! It is a cure for whatever ails you!

Prior to the takeover of the islands, the kahuna understood sickness very well and used their methods to help people heal. Sickness, which is simply a culmination of mistakes, errors, curses or wrongdoing, was healed by means of ho'oponopono. I know... you think sickness is from a bacteria or virus, but... those things are merely the earthly vehicle to bring justice for spiritual misconduct. And still you may wonder, "Could that be possible??" Well, even the Bible teaches that mistakes/errors ("sin") is the cause of sickness. And the Bible also teaches, that if we become RECONCILED with (god) by obeying his principles, spiritual laws, you will eventually enjoy perfect health in an Earthly paradise.

So, having learned Ho'oponopono in Maui, Hawaii, having aunties as teachers and kahunas from Big Island and Oahu lead me, I have had much success in my own life AND with others using this practice, including my own mother hospitalized December 2020 and receiving a "covid" diagnosis.

Any intelligent being must ask him/her self, "how did a 74 year old, 300lb woman with COPD, a full-time oxygen nebula, diabetes, GERD, .... get out of a covid diagnosis, ICU room in three days?" Seriously, how did a woman of this degree of illness survive such a "deadly covid virus"?

Holding her hands, speaking into her ear, ON HER BEHALF, I DID ho'oponopono WITH my mother and FOR my mother.

Could this have helped EVERY person stricken with covid? Well, if it is true as the ancient ones said, that sickness is a curse, or karma, ... well... then... yes. And my mother is proof.

And once she was out of harm's way, brought back to a nursing home where she was isolated once again a second time (and I visited her in a Buffalo hospital where I again spoke prayers over her), and a third time, and fourth... perhaps there is a lesson in here for us all to learn. If something very simple works, why not use it??? If you have a key to the front door, why break down the windows and smash through the walls? Why put drugs into a body that can heal with the power of the word of love and forgiveness, of God in action?

May love and forgiveness find their way into your heart and home.

I love you,

Gail Lynn

Be reminded, "persons in health do not need a physician, but the ailing do." - Matthew 9:12

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