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OCTOBER 20,2022

Dear Reader,

Asking "WHY?" this pandemic occurred rather than WHERE did it start or WHO started it would be a much more relevant question to ask.

Why is it that so many people, in their first response to a problem is to put the blame for something on someone else? We have been conditioned for so long to put blame for anything bad occurring in our life on someone or something else. Take sickness for example, something simple like the flu, and look how we've been conditioned to believe it is the weather, season, or not wearing a hat on your head, or being "EXPOSED" to someone sick and coughing "GERMS" into the air that is the cause of such illness. Well, those excuses are all nonsense!! AND if you were to begin to study the brain, the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind, you just may begin to see "flu season" a little differently, and never EVER again, repeat that phrase, "its flu season" -ever again. Better yet, you would never GET a "flu" ever again. But even if you don't get the flu, do you know WHY?? That is the significant part of this!

As an elementary school teacher, I taught students to transfer their learning from the classroom, from books, to life. WHY is this information above about the subconscious mind, conscious mind, and sickness important to you in your every day life?? WOW- what a great question you ask! ;)

"WHY?" is a great question to begin asking with everything that happens in your life! A big WHY for me happened when I got sick and I wanted to know WHY ~ and then battling sickness, I began to ask lots of "why?"s. And I searched and searched until I solved the problem and found the "why?" to why I got sick, and then it was, ...

"WHY did a total stranger on an airplane heading to Maui help me?" And "Why did he invite me into his home?" , "Why did he care about ME?" "WHY did he give me his car to use for a month that summer in Maui while I was healing?" ...I kept searching for greater meaning in life, And "God" or the Universe, the great Intelligence that is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, showed me in a dream. That stranger and I, our past was once connected. Memories with him are in my cells, called cellular memory. I once loved him in another time. He was a "soul" mate, a mate/partner/love from another time and space. Just like another man was a soul mate before this stranger. (But now is not the time to get into soul mate relationship discussions though).

I would bet that most people around the entire world has asked many questions about the present condition of our planet. But have you asked "WHY did a pandemic called "Covid-19" begin? or more interesting is, "Why did the "covid-virus" enter a husbands body, but not his wife's who sleeps next to him and exchanges bodily fluids with him?" Begin to consider all the "WHY" questions you could ask about what happened surrounding the pandemic for the past three years.

It was when my mom kept going in and out of various hospitals that I began asking "WHY?" But more significant, I wanted to know "WHY DID MOM HAVE HYPOTHERMIA IN A NURSING HOME??" AND "WHY was her body temperature 93* upon arrival at the hospital AFTER paramedics were warming her in the ambulance?" "WHY did paramedics ventilate my mom when she was found unresponsive and cold/ hypothermic... dead?" and .... "WHY did a hospital keep putting drugs into my momma for three more days even though her soul had left the body?" "WHY did they let me walk into her ICU room that day in May 2021 to the smell of her decaying body?" "WHY did GOD allow me to experience THAT??

What did I do to deserve THAT??

Everything comes back to the golden rule....

Mom's birthday is in two days... October 22, 2022. She would have been 76 years old.

I'm still recovering from that traumatic experience of finding my dead mom in a hospital bed being pumped with drugs as a doctor sat by "following protocols".... knowing full well.... and I keep asking myself "WHY?", asking the higher self, "WHY?" ... asking God, or the Universe, "WHY?" and the same response flashes before my eyes....

The Golden Rule.

Whatever I experience in this life, is what I have put out to another to experience. In Buddhism, karma is equal to action/energy. Whatever we do, think, or say... is an action/energy that goes forth and we get back in return. In Christianity, scripture says, "As you sow, so shall you reap." In the philosophy of Spiritualism, it is written as a principle, "We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey nature's physical and spiritual laws.

What I have learned over the past 10 years is this.... I create my world, every single aspect of it... all the good and all the bad. When I do good, more good comes back to me! ... and likewise, when I cause harm to someone, that harm returns to me. YIKES!! So... I AM the cause of whatever EFFECT that happens in my life. (EH-hem... transfer of learning .... Momma, whatever you put out comes back to you. So whatever you experience, is because you put it out.) In present "new age terms, we call that karma. Science, more specifically physics, calls that Newton's third law of Motion. Spirituality acknowledges this in principles also. It's what is meant by the Golden Rule.

NOW.... lets trace that back in time.... history repeats itself... decade after decade.... century after century... oh, hello King Herod... Egypt... Yeshua... Mary....

History repeats WHY??? For karma to teach us... until we ALL learn the lesson. The greatest commandment...

Are you ready to help our planet eradicate ALL sickness, ALL poverty, ALL war??? Join the ascension and work on the four steps of Ho'oponopono.

I'm sorry...

Please forgive me...

Thank you...

I love you.

Until we meet again reader,

I love you,

Gail Lynn

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