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Who am I? Why am I here?

July 17,2022

Dear Reader,

Everybody at some point wonders, “who am I?”

Individually, many humans wonder this along with the question,”why am I here?” And, “what’s the purpose of this life?”

All of these questions are good questions to contemplate. They become even more significant if you’ve had a near death experience and have seen other lives or gone to other dimensions.

There’s a reason other people feel familiar… and that’s when I personally start asking, “who were you before?” Simply asking that question leads me to a country or time period when our spirits/souls had known one another before being in this physical body. And why is that significant you may wonder??

The answer is simple and clear…

Karma…. Action/energy

If we’ve harmed anyone in the past, we are given the opportunity to make amends.

We are here to “learn our lessons”, make things right, reconcile our past mistakes, and return to love, hence the book RETURN TO HO’OPONOPONO.

I learned the hard way how illness manifests. I learned the hard way WHY I got Lyme disease. I learned the hard way what causes a heart attack and stroke and given these are top dis-eases in our world, I consider myself an expert on getting to the root having healed from these afflictions, these illnesses, or “sins” as the church would call them.

In light of the principles of Spiritualism though, you can say I created my own unhappiness by disobeying natures physical and spiritual laws.

The good news is… according to principle #8 in Spiritualism, “the doorway to reformation is never closed here or hereafter”. Simply follow the teachings of the kahuna… and RETURN TO HO’OPONOPONO.

Til next time,


Gail Lynn

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