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Where are you?

March 31, 2021

Dear Reader,

Where are you on the path of discovery?

Have you figured it out yet that we ALL are heroes and heroines? And like my story here, you too have a story to tell. You too have stages in your life where you were just going along (like we all have done) until some major obstacle came along and shook up your life.

Chapter One of "our story" is our ordinary life. The time between birth and the beginning of our awakening. It sets the stage. For most of us, we were blind to other aspects of life. We were just going along minding our own business, living a life, going to school, getting married, having kids, and going to work, doing the things that we were taught by our parents or grandparents. BUT... there's more to life than that!

We are here on Earth for a reason! Come on; I know you feel it! There's a feeling deep within you that is stirring you to ask those difficult questions like, "Why am I here?" and "What is my purpose?" Your purpose here is for more than just being a parent, a spouse, or employee somewhere. Come on! Feeeeeel it! There's more for you! These roles, the people who enter and leave our life, the experiences both good and bad, they are here to assist us, but they are NOT meant to define us. They are not meant to be the end all. YOU are more than your job. AND you are more than a body! YOU are spirit! YOU are the living God here to experience life and evolve!

Are you waking up from the sleep? Are you having some deja' vu moments? What chapter are YOU living right now? Are you still living in a world that is carrying you? OR have you have that disruption, the call to AWAKEN, the "Call to Adventure", as I once heard author Joseph Campbell say.

When you know where you are and where you are going, it makes the journey a bit easier!

Why not get writing your OWN journey? Why not draw a little path with a cute little stick figure of yourself and begin to outline your story?

Tell me one thing about your ordinary life that your child would be intrigued by or a grandchild would love to know! We ALL have a story to tell! Tell me something about you that I didn't know!

Until next time, I love you!

Gail Lynn

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