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What We Learned From WWII

July 23, 2023

Dear Reader,

I invite you to begin putting together the puzzle for yourself. The big picture you will see is bigger than what WWII taught us... or didn't teach us.... even bigger than what JFK wanted us to know.

Let's start with what Jesus taught... that we should learn to know the meaning of parables. Secret codes abound in everything from scripture to the Underground Railroad to secret emails between politicians and even present day hand gestures among secret societies and headlines in newspapers.

What do you know about headlines and propaganda?

What do you know about Texas? Is it part of corporate America or is it its own republic? How would Teaxs be presented to "the people" (if it were a slave becoming free from its master)? The Master would claim it is a runaway... but if the slave were free... would the slave really be a runaway then ??

If you were a slave and didn't know you were a slave, and suddenly found out you were a slave, and saw how another slave became free, and soon led your family to be free... then what would a Master do ... knowing his slaves are learning how to break free and become sovereign, with unalienable rights.

So... why blame Texas for "the next pandemic" to start?? And why say, "the NEXT global pandemic could come from the United States"... when the present/past c-19 was prepared, practiced, and initiated, simulated, in Manhattan (New York) in 2019.

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do" ...

What is the "US meat" they are pointing to?

And as Harvard Law School and New York University is the one quoted as having a report with this message of another pandemic, should we the people advise those researchers and humanity of the real "cause" of the C-19 pandemic , which stemmed from a "leak" in Manhattan under a simulation that took place within a board room. Should we not give those people who practiced this pandemic ample opportunity to read through Nuremberg Codes, giving them time to make amends and repent?

Oh human, it isn't pigs or monkeys or any animal or vector that caused the pandemic or any dis-ease.

Want to know more? How much do you want to know? Are you ready for heaven on Earth and world peace? Can we have the exiled workers planting crops and making healthy water instead of fighting made up wars?

Are you treating your "neighbor" as you will be treated?? For Texans, Mexico is their neighbor. I hope they are seeing the bigger picture and using the opportunity to "love thy neighbor".

Until next time...

Rev. Gail lynn

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