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Time Does NOT Heal Wounds, Forgiveness Does

May 23, 2024

Dear Reader,

There is not a single person on this great big ball of a planet that we live on that hasn't been hurt by another person in the past or living with emotional scars. Everyone carries around within them a memory of a past situation that brought sadness, anger, resentment, fear, grief, trauma, or suffering of some kind. What we DO with that emotional pain though, is important BECAUSE suppressed emotions turn to symptoms.

For some, a stiff upper lip and a "pick myself up by the bootstraps and carry-on" mentality works. Many people, men especially, have been taught NOT to show emotions or talk about their feelings. I have to admit, for most of my life, I was the "pick myself up by the boostraps and carry-on" type. I didn't share my thoughts and feelings with anyone. There wasn't anyone I trusted enough to share those intimate feelings or suffering with. Lets face it, how many times have we shared with someone our deepest thoughts and feelings and that trust was violated. But the long term result of suppressing emotions can be even worse.

Somewhere between erupting like a volcano, spewing words of hate, and suppressing those emotions, there is a healthy way of processing our pain, our emotional wounds, the suffering we experience so that we don't create sickness or disease in our physical body.

According to the work of Louise Hay, (You Can Heal Your Life 1984), our emotions are the root of many of our illnesses. For example, being "irritated" with someone close to you, if suppressed, could lead to sinus issues or a rash, depending upon the issue. And "anger" along with irritation could lead to infections of some sort. According to Louise's work, "hernia" is the result of ruptured relationships.

Having discovered the many books and videos Louise has produced, I have actually healed many of my own health issues upon realizing it was my negative state of emotions that effected the chemistry of my body and immune system. For example, when I had a mini stroke almost a decade ago, looking at what Louise had to say, I had to admit to myself that what Louise said about strokes was true. And then I began listening to others' stories about health challenges and realized it was their state of EMOTIONS resulting from what was happening in their life, that caused their sickness, I continued to do my own informal studies. Like me, my friend Tony, my mom, several others along the way, have shared with me that yes, they too were feeling those feelings that Louise refers to regarding a stroke, "giving up, resistance, rather die than change, rejection of life".

In my book, "The Heroine's Journey; a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws" I share in Chapter 8 (A Stroke of Bad Luck) exactly what I did that evening that led to the experience of having a mini-stroke (TIA). It was pretty humbling to admit it for all the world, and especially my family, to see. But taking responsibilty for my thoughts and words was part of the healing process. Writing the story was a HUGE part of the healing process. And even greater to my healing was forgiving not only myself but the individuals that played a part in my life and the suffering I went through.

It was NOT time that healed those wounds I had. It wasn't "medicine" or treatments at a hospital that healed me from the experience of a mini stroke. As a matter of fact, I had NO medicine at the hospital. I REFUSED all medicine, including any IV or even an asprin. NOTHING went into my body to heal it. Rather, what came OUT was what brought about the healing. The vile emotions were out of me. The pent up feelings of hurt and sadness and resentment were out of me. And in the quiet moments of laying in a hospital bed after a visit from my children, I spoke to God, the universe, the Intelligence, "I need help".

Fast forward almost a decade through a complete healing of Lyme disease, a mini stroke, Celiac disease, and a mild heart attack WITHOUT any drugs, medicines, or interventions of any kind from traditional "healthcare", here I am again facing some "symptoms". The wisdom gleaned from my journey is still within me, negative emotions cause sickness, yet I've been unable to fully apply it to keep my body from screaming at me, from symptoms emerging. Let's face it. I kept suppressing those signs from my body, those symptoms. I've been in deep grief even though I KNOW sickness comes from our negative emotions. ANY and ALL illness and disease is a result of our own thoughts/emotions. But what do you do when you know a loved one is being harmed? How do you keep emotions in check when you walk in and find your parent dead.... and the doctor simply says, "I know". And the nurse says, "I'm sorry. She came in this way." - And it was three days prior that she arrived. How does one keep from falling into rage and resentment at every single medical professional that walks the earth who played along with a pandemic simulation. Three years later and a "mask" can still trigger me. It used to really piss me off to see someone wearing a mask, but now, at least I can have compassion for the person even though I think of the doctors who went along with the protocols and feel disgusted at them and the "healthcare system".

So, where does that leave me today, on the three year anniversary of my mom being found "unresponsive" in the nursing home, where her carcass, the suite that housed her soul, was put onto a ventilator for the fourth and final time.... brought to a hospital... where her crazy daugthter arrived the following day and refused entrance, stood in the parking lot begging to be let it, asking police officers to help me get in, being tormented by thoughts that my mother was again being experimented on, until finally May 26th of 2021, three days later, we were allowed in to say our good bye before pulling the plug on the machine that pumped air into her decaying body.

The sight, the smell, the memories that were imprinted in my mind that day I walked into that ICU room at the hospital and found mom dead linger. Is it possible to stop crying for my mom? Is it possible to let go of the resentment and rage I feel towards that doctor, that nurse, the "healthcare system" that hurt my mom?

Whoever says, "time heals all wounds" is a liar. Don't ever believe that fallacy. What heals the heart is NOT time. What heals Lyme disease, a stroke, a heart attack, or cancer, or the grief from finding a loved one a greater understanding of how the world works. What heals our emotional health AS WELL AS OUR PHYSICAL HEALTH is talking about out pain, writing about our suffering. And to that end... I will continue talking and sharing my mom's story... if nothing more than, it can help empty out the toxins that are creating symptoms in me. And eventually, when understanding and emptiness is reached, THAT is when forgiveness really begins.

My dear reader friend, if you or a loved one is experiencing sickness, of ANY kind, and you have discovered THEE emotion that is the root of the sickness, whether fear, shame, guilt, resentment, etc. you are on your way to taking back your life! A few authors who have helped me with this include Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) and Wayne Dyer (Change Your Thoughts, Change Your life). The Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono has also been of great help in the past, which is why I wrote the book, "Return to Ho'oponopono; a pocket guide to ancient healing". But when the pain has cut so deep that nothing seems to work, I encourage you, TELL THE STORY. I encourage you to find someone who is willing to listen and help you sort through things to understand how and why things happened. I encourage you to meditate and write and speak out loud with the greater intelligence that permeates all of life.

And when you are ready, I encourage you to forgive, cry, yell... again and again until you get it out. Forgive until you release every last bit of toxin from your body. Forgive again and again until you are healthy and strong again and living your best life that God intended, the Universe intended for you, which is your birthright.

For further understanding of how emotions effect our health, look at "Opening Up; the healing power of expressing emotions" from the American Psychological Association database (Pennebaker, 1997). Also see, "The Forgiveness Project; the startling discovery of how to overcome cancer, find health, and achieve peace" by Michael S. Barry, 2011.

Forgiving others is healing. Forgiving ourself is healing. Lack of forgiveness can lead to illness and disease, like cancer. It's that simple.... what do you want? Are you ready to live the life of joy that is our birthright? I know I am... and so I ask the great Universal Intelligence for help... help me to forgive, help me to forgive those doctors and nurses and politicans and people who participated knowingly.... and lead me to healing and the joyful life that is my birthright.

I wish you healing dear reader... I wish you great love and a life of good health and joy.

Until next time, keep practicing forgiveness,

Rev. Gail Lynn

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