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Thoughts/words/ Prayers...

Dear Reader,

Good morning!

Do you think there is a difference between the "thoughts" you have, the "words" you speak out loud, or what some people refer to as "prayers"? Consider this and then consider, think about, the thoughts you have on a daily basis and how THEY TOO are considered a plea for help.

"Prayer" is an invocation ... ok... stop there.... what is an "invocation, let's break this all down so you get the significance!

Invocation: according to Merriam Webster, is an act of petition for help. ( every time you speak and think or "pray" even, you are petitioning for help). And according to Wikipedia, "invocation", from the latin verb, is also stated as a call for help, whether from God, a goddess, or another person. Church goers invoke the presence of God, but what many people do not realize is that ANYTIIME we speak/pray/think earnestly, our words ARE an invocation, calling for help, and THEN bringing to us that which we thought/spoke/prayed about.

The Lord's Prayer is an invocation, but so are mantras from Buddhism and Hinduism. All religions use invoking prayers, but YOUR words can and do command/invoke the presence of a higher being as well and CREATE, bring into life, that which you spoke. So.... be careful what you wish for, or earnestly think about, or fear... because you are invoking help to bring that into your life.

Do you get it? The Law of Attraction says that which you think about, you can bring about! Religion says, that which you pray for, earnestly, can create miracles. But, aren't miracles simply someone expertly using the power of the spoken word, thought, prayer, in a POSITIVE WAY?

What do you think?

Give it a try and begin each day with The Lord's Prayer, ... or create your own positive, loving, blessing invocation and see how it goes!

Until next time,

I love you.

Gail Lynn

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