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The Exodus...

April 24, 2022

Dear Reader,

I'd like to give you something new to contemplate, well, it will be new to some who've never really given this much thought.

Various texts from religious/spiritual books talk about individuals who have spoken with "God" or "the Lord your God", but have you contemplated really what that means? I mean, WHAT is this voice of God and who determines which voice in your head is from "God" and which is from your own higher self, your superconscious mind, which is connected to the All? Or... is it all the same??

AND... as the quote from Exodus goes, "IF you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God and do that which is right..then I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians."

So, I think what we were being taught here is that "the Lord your God" is our higher mind, our God Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness, that it is our own inner guidance system connected to the greater cosmic consciousness and within THAT thinking Mind, we know the difference between right and wrong and when we do RIGHT, NO DISEASE will come upon us as dis-ease in the body is merely natural law, Divine Law, returning like (negative) energy that we put out. (Karma sucks when it is negative karma).

I think "God", the Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine Mind, speaks to me every day, AND told me to write about this today. But just like in Biblical days, there may be people who simply cannot put the same equation together as I have, or as Jesus did, and may disagree. But that's okay. That is part of the journey and why we are here, to learn, discover, and see our own part of the story, the religious/spiritual. narratives of the past, and present, and to remember the Law, Natural Law.

And one more thing, since Moses taught about the Law ( the "eye for an eye" kind of deal ~ cause and effect ~ the golden rule and all)... how can racism be such a thing when reincarnation and karma are here teaching us that the energy we offer out, returns to us? Perhaps racism is just one generation experiencing their karma? Perhaps...

Although I have white skin in this incarnation, I have witnessed myself in other skins, in other nations, in other lifetimes. I have also seen past lives with others, witnessed atrocities that neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers alike have within their energy field including the harm that they have caused, whether to myself, or others, such as in battle, or even in day to day life. For example, I have faced a man who yelled, "crucify him" in the past.

There are many people starting to remember previous incarnations (or memories within the DNA)...which is pretty cool, that is, until you witness the person before you coming after you to persecute YOU. They say, the eyes are the window to the soul, so when you look into someone's eyes and they become a window to all they've participated in,.... well.... EEEEK! Maybe now, you too will look at someone a little differently... including the man in the mirror. (Just remember, the past is the past...)

Spiritualism 101... "We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey Nature's physical and spiritual laws." NSAC

We are personally responsible for EVERYTHING in our life, the good, the bad, the ugly. Call it "religion", call it "science" it don't matter.... energy will return to you no matter what color you are, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are the pope, the president, or the poor man on the street. Even if you try the exodus from your home, workplace, even if you were wearing a mask or got a shot or hid in your house or apartment building, karma found those who violated Divine Law, Natural Law.

As the golden rule states, "Do unto others, as you would have done unto you." Or as I say, "Do unto others ONLY what you want to have come back to you." (I will not lie, cheat, steal, kill, .... oh wait... that sounds a bit like the 10 Commandments.)

For whatever harm or suffering I may have caused you, I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me. I have made mistakes in the past and I'm working to make them all right. Thank you. I love you.

Happy Sunday!

Gail Lynn

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