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Sunday Self-Care Tip #3

October 1, 2023

Dear Reader,

Not many people realize the health benefits we receive by simply walking barefoot on the EARTH. It is SO beneficial that studies were conducted, research was done, and the term, “EARTHING” was born!

The EARTH itself has a natural rhythm. It is comprised of energy with a frequency and vibration of its own. Did you know… the earth provides us, the human body, with ELECTRONS? As we walk barefoot on the Earth or touch the ground with our body in any manner, as in laying on the grass stargazing or lying in the sand at the lake or ocean, our body naturally receives energy through the electrons that flow from EARTH into us!

A man by the name of Clint Ober is the pioneer of this “technology” that benefits our body. As a veteran of the cable television industry, he began investigating the effects of grounding the body, just as we ground electrical wiring in a house. He has promoted over 20 research studies that demonstrate how EARTHING (maintaining the body at Earth’s electrical potential) *reduces inflammation and promotes normal functioning of the body’s electrical systems. It assists us in the healing process! Ummm…. Are you ready to take off your shoes and socks and go outside for a walk yet? Going barefoot SUPPORTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!

Well-known actress Mariel Hemingway, sought after for her work on mind-body-spirit wellness, is an Earthing activist. Also, Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine, is a promoter of earthing.

As our beautiful planet has a limitless supply of electrons that give the ground we walk on and the various bodies of water we swim in, a NATURAL negative electric charge, as we make contact with our skin to the earth, static electricity and extraneous environmental electrical charges that are on us, are dissipated! Simultaneously, we receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons, which synchronize us with the natural frequency of earth!

It is recommended we spend 30 minutes each day grounding with our skin to the earth for optimal health. Our ancestors of ancient times were constantly grounded, whether walking barefoot or bathing in creeks, streams, hot springs baths in nature, lakes, and oceans. So… there is something beneficial to being a “tree-hugger” especially on rainy days when the tree bark is drenched in water!

So reader, have you had enough? Or do you want to know more? For further information and get yourself more informed and grounded… see the website: and watch THE EARTHING MOVIE; the remarkable science of grounding.

Until next time, happily hug a tree and don’t care what your neighbor thinks!


Rev. Gail Lynn

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