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Some Things Never Change

November 27, 2022

Dear Reader,

I have come to learn the hard way of what mystics and masters of all ages have learned, and that is of Universal Laws. Some of these laws are written in the Old Testament of the Bible, which I guess for many people SEEM outdated. But actually, they aren't. I feel that they are simply misunderstood. Perhaps maybe they were even manipulated so that you WOULD misunderstand them... maybe... because then we remain subservient to those who know. Many of these Universal laws are IMMUTABLE, though not all. Immutable, meaning they are unchangeable, meaning THE POPE can't change them to fit his wishes. The QUEEN couldn't change them or pay off anybody to get out from under these laws. NO Man can change the IMMUTABLE laws no matter how much money or power or who you know or what country you live in! They are IMMUTABLE.

For example, the Law of Mentalism starts to explain the way our life works. The mind is our creative power! ALL is mind and the mental plane is where mental activities occur such as thinking, imagination, and our overall mental state. WE, our GOD SELF is a Divine Spark, one with the Universal Mind, CREATOR, and as such WE are creators of our reality as our reality is a manifestation of our mind, a projection OF our mind, of our consciousness.

What so happens in our mind, becomes our reality... or CAN become our reality... according to other laws that follow. Everything begins in the mind. Your idea for everything you own began in your mind as a thought and then a desire. Your last vacation began within the mind. Everything put into the mind, whether consciously or unconsciously, is of significance. How long you linger on a thought or vision is also of great importance. This was spoken of in parables within the ancient teachings but many have not eyes to see those in the Holy Bible yet. THAT however, is part of the journey, to understand the secret teachings and create your heaven on earth!

If you knew the secrets of creating heaven on earth, your life would have been way different the past three years! If you knew the secrets of THE LAWS, (not man's law-but NATURAL LAW, UNIVERSAL LAWS), if HUMANITY knew the secrets, then no "pandemic" would EVER have occurred!

As YOU learn the secret teachings, you will become part of the 144,000 already ushering in heaven on earth... days of peace, good health and good fortune! Begin to observe, become AWARE of what thoughts you are thinking, what visions you are lingering upon. Do not allow ANY seed to take root in your mind that you would NOT want to grow... for example... sickness of ANY kind.... for as Jesus said, "It is done unto you as you believe." If you BELIEVE (in the mind) that sickness will overcome you, it WILL indeed overcome you. Be stronger in mind these days and be free from sickness!

Until next time, be strong of MIND!

With love and gratitude,

Gail Lynn

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