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Sir Isaac Newton and Covid

September 14, 2022

Dear Reader,

I never was very good at science in school. I was more of the historian type or book worm. But after having so many experiences in life that forced me to do research over the past ten years, I began learning about science in a whole new way... in a more meaningful way. I mean, not all science is the same and much of it is NOT important on a day to day basis for the average person... is it?

Well, science came to be of great significance to me over the past 10 years, especially in regards to my health. And then that information became wisdom as I used that information to help my mom during the covid "simulation". What began as wanting to find answers to health problems, sickness and disease, came to look like the "Scientific Process" that all scientists use in their research. And after having discovered the answer to some of the great questions I had, it was THEN that I discovered what I had actually done WAS the scientific process. You can check out yourself to follow that web of discovery to see if you can solve the problem that you or your loved one is or HAS faced. It all begins with observation and a question. Like in my story of Lyme disease, I wanted to know WHY I got sick. (yes, I solved the Lyme disease problem. And it is NOT about a tick or medication!) And then... it became about my mom and the covid -simulation. What I OBSERVED did not make sense. And I needed it to. So I set out on a journey of discovery.

Now, I want you to keep looking back at the picture above and follow along. I KNOW you had someone you care about get sick sometime over the past two years. As a keen observer, I witnessed firsthand the same LAW repeated by people over and over that explained things. I heard people. I listened and followed people's stories. And having learned about the great Sir Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion, his work in physics, mathematics, and natural philosophy, I developed a hypothesis, analyzed the data I had been collecting, constructed explanations from present evidence as well as historical evidence, and began making some general explanations as to the WHY people were getting sick. (It's not rocket science... it is quite obvious actually... so why aren't the physicists speaking up??) Wouldn't Newton if he were still alive???? (Then again, maybe he is! Maybe he has incarnated and is one of the doctors that have left the field of medicine having witnessed atrocities that should NEVER have happened. Well, karma comes around til we learn our lessons.)

So, back to the above drawing. My lovely pictures and research that were spread out throughout the college university library over the summer were the media I used to tell the story to another scientist. Now my friend the scientist that I shared my research with is not a physicist. He is a chemist. And although he found the data to be "quite interesting Gail Lynn", he would not, could not come out and support my thesis or in any way add to it. I guess whenever "covid" comes up between us, we have to agree to disagree on things. But hey, scientists do that. Just look at the differences in opinions over the past two years. And since he knows very little about the physics that's come out these days, particularly quantum physics, he has little interest is discussing it. (That and he has a job to keep.)

Oh yeah, back to the drawing... find the little stick figure that says "Doctor 1942". That could also read, scientist or soldier or nurse or whoever else was conducting experiments OR assisting in the harmful acts during the holocaust (WWII). That little stick figure represents the soul that was harming the next stick figure. That ACTION/ENERGY that the doctor did in 1940's .... very much WILL come back to him, whether that lifetime OR THIS ONE. The experiment, such as high altitude experiments, that harmed the individual THEN would return to him/her now. Today's youth would call that karma. Sir Isaac Newton would say, "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction".... BOOM!!! Like a boomerang... (High altitude experiments/gas chambers of 1940's=ventilators and negative pressure rooms of 2020.)

I'm sorry, but people during this pandemic were not dying OF or FROM or WITH covid. People died BECAUSE they had negative karma. Cause > Effect. What goes out must come back. It's Newton's Third Law of Motion.

WE as humans are spiritual beings, souls here experiencing life in order to RETURN to LOVE! We are here learning lessons to help our soul evolve. That person (gypsy or jew) who was harmed by the doctor in 1940's holocaust would never have to take matters into their own hands to get justice. Natural Law, Universal Laws, the Law of Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect, does just as Sir Isaac Newton said, AND as Moses said, eye for an eye. Just because you don't believe in reincarnation or karma does not mean it wont come back to haunt you... or "serve justice". Well, it's not really justice perse, it is merely energy returning to its sender. Karma is energy. It doesn't matter what verbiage I use... the important thing is this.... do you get it?? Because some scientist or doctor may come along with all his/her credentials and alphabet letters after their name that makes him a covid "expert" and "not believe it" because they don't want to lose their job, their patient or funding.

This is life changing... Earth changing... information! Moses was trying to teach this!! BUT the people then, like now.. well... that is for another time. I have to get to packing for my next bit o adventure and research.

I'm wondering... what would Sir Isacc Newton look like right now in today's world? Think he came back as a man? Oh wait, maybe there's a little bit of him in each of us?? Can you tap into your higher self through meditation and find that thread that connects you to him?? I mean, we ARE magical beings, miracle workers, healers, and prophets... come on... Jesus even said so!

And one last thing, if you still have not figured it out yet, return to ho'oponopono, just in case. Or learn the hard way.

Until next time,

laugh a little!

Gail Lynn

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