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Singing Bowls

September 11, 2022

Dear Reader,

In February, I took a road trip out west and made a stop in Arizona to spend time with my dad. The whole trip, some would say, was on a whim, however, from a spiritual perspective, nothing ever happens on accident. I mean, even in science, they say there are no coincidences, at least in quantum physics anyways.

I just so happened to have my set of crystal singing bowls in the car with me because I was going to use them for a Sound Healing event in Arkansas after helping a friend move. The "event" that I thought was going to happen, never happened, and instead, I ended up doing MANY sound healing events instead along the journey from east coast to west.

I was amazed to find places where there were people who have been practicing this and other more contemporary healing modalities for decades, while there were other parts of the United States where people had never heard of such a thing and found it kind of "woo-woo". Nevertheless, I promoted the bowls as an ancient healing technique that was merely making a comeback. The idea of sound, or vibration, to heal is NOT a new concept here on earth. As a matter of fact, it has been sound, vibration, voice that has not only made us as humans able to communicate with one another, it is sound vibration that helps cells communicate with one another also.

Quantum physics has demonstrated how everything has a vibration-whether it is a musical instrument, an automobile, a chair, a plant, a human, an animal... you name it... everything has a vibration. Even our thoughts have a vibration... and our emotions...AND every organ in our body. With that said, if you can begin to understand how anger has a less than good vibration and effects the cells and organs in our body by thought vibrations, you just may begin to get the picture of how humans go from a negative emotion to a symptom to sickness and disease.

When humans become stressed, irritated, angry, or full of revenge the body becomes out of harmony. When we feel shame, we are out of harmony or resonating at a low vibration. Overtime, these are the things that cause sickness, negative thoughts, emotions, life experiences. On some occasions, and I can speak first hand, our emotions can lead us straight into a heart attack or stroke. BUT...

But KNOWING this, is half the battle. Having the knowing, the awareness, or consciousness of this, allows you to become more cognizant of your emotions and reactions and with your intentions to keep yourself from overreacting to an emotional charge, you just may prevent yourself from having a heart attack.... I mean... seriously. AND...

And the even better news is this... even if you don't stop the negative reaction before occurring, even if you or your loved one does BLOW UP IN ANGER, have a panic attack, mild heart attack, or stroke, the GOOD NEWS, is that the body heals itself. When you align yourself back in harmony and raise the vibration of your emotional state and thereby your cells and organs, you can actually help your body to heal even faster!

Participating in a sound bath, having a sound healing session, playing a singing bowl, all facilitates healing in the body. Studies have been done to demonstrate singing bowls foster the following reactions: reduce stress, aid in digestion, regulate blood pressure, reduce pain and discomfort in the body, strengthens the immune system, lessons the negative effects of chemotherapy, increases energy, vitality, and our happiness level. The singing bowls induce relaxation, heighten our intuition, enhances creativity, and works within the brain to synchronize the two hemispheres. Singing bowls help ease ADHD and improves concentration.

Singing bowls have been made from various metals and crystals to induce healing on all levels through vibration. As the mind, body, spirit return to harmony, healing happens all on its own.

If you would like to try a sound bath healing session, let me know! It's another tool in my tool chest that I love playing with... and PLAY... is a good vibration!! HEY- do you think The Beach Boys were trying to tell us something with their song, "GOOD VIBRATIONS"?

Til next time, VIBE HIGH!

Gail Lynn

Pssst... and for the record... recent scientific research further concurs with the health benefits of sound healing that one receives for their wellbeing! (Goldsby et al. reported less tension, anger, fatigue, and depressed mood after a meditation with Tibetan singing bowls. Participants in a study were more relaxed, reported feeling more vitalized, and having reduced anxiety after the sound session. Furthermore, patients with fibromyalgia reported improvements after an intervention. A "sound massage" is beneficial on BOTH a physical and psychological level.

Psss.... And dad liked the singing bowls too, even if he did think they were "woo-woo"!

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