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Service to Humanity

Dear Reader,

Our personal stories are meant to be shared. It's like the Hawaiian's do... talk story. And through our stories, our personal experiences, we can be of service to humanity.

Oneof the most important lessons I have learned in life, through all the sickness I had to go through, is about the power of our thoughts and words. It is my daily practice now to be aware of what I am thinking and what words I speak.

As I traversed through so much illness over a 5year period of my life, the Lyme disease, Celiac, blood transfusions, anemia, mini stroke, and mild heart attack, struggling to the point of wanting to end my life, yet successfully overcoming it all, I now realize they were necessary lessons and part of my life’s purpose. I’m pretty fortunate to have discovered my purpose and mission in life, though I wouldn’t wish that difficulty on anyone. As I now see many people experiencing their own health crisis, there’s a part of me that hurts for them, yet there’s another part of me that is excited for them, as what wisdom comes from the experience IS life changing!

My advice for those people in the midst of the hero/heroine journey crisis, is to ask the universe what’s the lesson, ask God, “what is the purpose of the sickness?” If we look at these obstacles as a lesson to improve our life, taking the wisdom to better understand HOW LIFE WORKS, then we navigate the challenge so much easier! If only I had known! (Words are powerful~ and so are our thoughts!)

Scripture says,

*Ask, and it will be given unto you…”

In Chapter 8, “A Stroke of Bad Luck, I spoke out emphatically, begging God to fulfill my request. And as I awoke the next morning, G0d responded. God WAS giving me what I asked for, but I didn’t realize it right away.

Scripture says, “man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from his mouth.”

Ask yourself this: What words did I speak or think (repeatedly) that contributed to where I am in life right now? What do you BELIEVE to be true?

And…are you willing to change your BELIEF to have a better end result?? Are you ready to speak differently to create a better outcome?? Are you willing to change and see things differently?

Are you willing to defy a friend or colleague’s belief or a spouse or parents belief in order to have your own BETTER outcome? Are you willing to defy a doctor’s BELIEF to have your own more positive health outcome??


Gather people around you who supports what you want… who BELIEVES in you and what YOU can see is possible…

For all things are possible for those who believe. Phil 4:13

~ gail lynn 🌹

✨Know someone who had a stroke or mini stroke? Have that talk with them…. “Hey, tell me what’s going on in your head… what’s going on in your heart… what’s made you sad and wanting to give up?”

✨As we move forward in the GREAT AWAKENING, you will have the opportunity to help more people if you have those conversations. Many have lost hope… you can be the one to help them find it again. It’s not smoking or lack of exercise or food that causes a stroke. The mind/body connection research shows… our emotions are a direct cause of dis—-ease.

🌹In my NDE, I met a teacher. “Go back and teach” said the Master.

🌹How may I serve?

~ g

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