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Self Care Tip #1: Love Your SELF

September 23, 2023

Dear Reader,

Stop looking for someone else to fulfill you! Only YOU can do that!

One of thee most longed for, looked for, and needed requirements of our life... is love. But most people have it all wrong... love isn't "out there" to be found in another human. Love... is who we are, where we came from. It is the larger collective consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, that we will remember when we transition back to spirit, when the physical body is finished. AND it is the Christ Consciousness, the Collective Consciousness, that many call "God" that we are really seeking when we meditate. That LOVE is where we came from. That all encompassing consciousness that we experience at the time of transition back to spirit is the "God" that many refer to, including the collective consciousness and the unconditional LOVE of all those who have gone before us.

It was in my near death experience (NDE) back in 2017 on the Big Island Hawaii that I actually discovered this love that I had been searching for my whole life, the love that was comforting me as I began the ascension to the light on the other side. It was Yeshua (Jesus) that appeared, along with a few angels, that just enveloped me in love, and showed me that we ARE that love. AND they also showed me that loving my SELF was needed for in that lack of self love, I was creating problems in my relationships.

It seems like my whole life I was always looking for someone to love me. It was kind of like that children's story, "Are You My Mother" by P.D. Eastman. In that story, a little bird hatches from an egg while his mother was out looking for food to feed him. He falls out of his nest as he looks to and fro for his mother. He does not see her so he goes on a quest, a journey, asking everyone he meets, "Are you my mother?" Looking back over much of my life, I felt like that little bird and meeting various people throughout my life, felt as if I was subconsciously asking them, "Are you my love; will YOU love me?" I sought high and low for years wondering where my love was until I discovered ... Love is where I came from... on the other side... which is a part of the greater LOVE, Christ Consciousness, GOD, that ALWAYS loved me, ... and even more ... it is THIS that EVERYONE is looking for, that LOVE. But looking for it in someone else, or someTHING else, will always fall short. Because WE are the essence of love, not separate from it, only we can't see it in ourself.

Author Louise Hay wrote many books about love and self care. Her book, "You Can Heal Your Life" has been significant in my healing journey. Louise overcame many obstacles in her life, including cancer. Affirmations were a big part of her work, especially looking in a mirror while repeating affirmations aloud. She taught about the power of affirmations and the connections between the physical ailments we have and our emotions. It seems so simple yet it has been difficult for many people to grasp how a broken heart can contribute to something like cancer, or even Lyme disease, but trust me, I know that correlation. I had that (Lyme) for four years, because of a broken heart, because of negative karma I created. You can read about that in my story, "THE HEROINE'S JOURNEY; a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws". Check it out on my website or just go to Amazon and look at what others have said about my journey back to self love.

My wish for you is that you realize that YOU are the love you are looking for and that there is an even greater love that comes from the Cosmic Intelligence, the Collective, the one that many call "God". Then imagine ALL the loved ones you have ever had throughout time showering you with love from the other side? AND... if you can fathom all the past lives you have participated within, consider ALL the love stories you have had over the ions of time! AND all the mothers!!! Well, food for thought anyways! So, just imagine all the people who have loved you for thousands of years and fall asleep to THAT!

Until next time reader, sweet dreams! Repeat the mantra: "I am loved" as you fall asleep!

Rev. Gail Lynn

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