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seeing "Joy"... creates more joy

February 23, 2022

Dear Reader,

How's your life journey going these days? Are you fed up with the present circumstances in the world? Are you feeling anxious still? OR ... are you waking up to WHY you are here walking the yellow brick road of life?

Consider something.... and as I say to my daughter, why not, what do you have to lose?

So... you are Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. YOU are on the yellow brick road (life). You are learning, as Dorothy did, that you have the power all along.

In my life, I saw everything that happened to me outside of my hands. I saw all the good and all the bad simply as accidental good or bad... that is, until I needed to heal all sorts of sickness that had effected me. THEN, I began doing my own research to understand life better. It came like puzzle pieces that I had to put together and solve. And I did solve. And this hear photo of a wall hanging reminded me of some of the journey:

  1. Simply be myself. I am okay. YOU are okay. I don't ever need to fit in or be liked by anyone other than myself. Such is the same for you. Learn to love your "self".

  2. Learn from yesterday. What was the lesson that the universe was teaching you? Ask the Universe if you don't know. You will hear it in the quiet time. Learning from yesterday. means changing what you do today and tomorrow.

  3. The joy of life is in the journey. Don't rush to get to the destination for you will miss a lesson that could have kept you from taking a "wrong turn".... and I don't mean physically.

  4. Live abundantly, for as you see the world abundantly, and live abundantly, and give abundantly, you will receive abundantly. For as you give, so shall you receive... and this is part of the journey to understand.... (The Law of Cause and Effect or The Golden Rule).

May you be blessed today with this wisdom!

I love you,

Gail Lynn

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