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Road trip USA 2022

February 21, 20200

Dear Reader,

Sometimes we think we know what is best, but if you consider the idea of a satellite looking down at the Earth and having that bigger picture of what's happening, that is how life, the Universe, God, the Divine Mind, happens to know even more than us what is best.

When I left western New York mid January (2022) I had NO idea that I would be taking my first road trip across the USA. I mean, lets face it, the world is still trying to figure out this whole "pandemic" or "planned-ddmic" thing... and I for one, am happy to see first hand what is happening in other states, other cities, other neighborhoods... since we don't always get the truth from other sources.

Sitting in a coffee shop thinking about my road trip... reporting my adventures as they have occurred.... I see, not everything has gone as I had planned, but it has gone BETTER than I had planned. And I thank my angels, the Divine, God, Creator, my higher self, and of course family and friends who have supported me on this adventure!

So... I left New York to move a friend to Hot Springs Arkansas and from there had planned to go visit my children in North Carolina after a week of two of exploring Hot Springs. But... plans changed. Apparently, God, the Divine Mind, my higher self, had a different plan. My stay in Hot Springs was suddenly cut short the moment I heard, "I don't want her here anymore. I want the place to myself."

So, feeling unwanted, I immediately packed my things and within minutes hit the road and... with no direction of where to go. I felt a sudden loss. I made a quick stop for a cup of coffee and to compose myself before driving any further. Then I realized I had to return a jacket I borrowed to someone I had recently met. While conversing with my new friend, I shared some ideas of what I was doing. He shared his thoughts on my ideas. Then back in the car, I spoke aloud to this God, Divine Mind, saying, "I don't know what to do. Where should I go? Back North to New York? East to my children's? West? South?

I pulled out an atlas I had in the car and contemplated then called a friend back in NY. All guidance came with "go west". So I did. I had no destination in mind, nor for how long to drive, simply "go west".

Have you ever felt at a loss of what to do next in life? Who do you call when you do? Who is your "go to" for support, guidance, comfort? Many people will say "I pray to GOD", but what is God, or who is "God" to you? And HOW do your answers come? Don't you often get a feeling or guidance from a friend or family member? Don't you think "God" uses people in that way, to guide us when we need help? AND why do you think things like this happen? Do you believe the Universe is always guiding us to what we ask for in life? Or to what is for our highest and best if we ask?? So, why do we get upset when plans don't go as we had "planned"?

The Bible says, "Ask, and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find." Does God, the Divine Mind, the Universe consider talking out loud as our prayer?

I do believe, whatever we seek, we will find. Well, the day before I packed up and left Hot Springs, I know I said I wanted an adventure. So was that how God got me to this adventure? Somehow I feel the Law of Cause and Effect are at work here.... or was it the Law of Attraction... or both?

The adventure continues... so, til next time... be careful what you wish for! Or rather, be ready for what you wish for!!

Gail Lynn

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