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QUICK... make amends!!!

Dear Reader,

When you find you've brought sadness or suffering or injury to ANYONE... QUICKLY MAKE AMENDS!!! RETURN TO HO'OPONOPONO.

If you discover that your ancestors were the cause of great suffering to a different cultural group, QUICKLY MAKE AMENDS!! RETURN TO. HO'OPONOPONO.

If you read about war torn countries and realize it is the effects of decades and centuries of retaliation for suffering done in the past and somewhere, your ancestors were a part of it, QUICKLY .... RETURN TO HO'OPONOPONO!!

When you realize that the present WORLD WAR III, called a pandemic, is the karmic debt of WWII, which was the karmic debt of WWI, which was the karmic debt of the Bosnia Conflict and... and... and.... WHEN YOU FINALLY GET IT....


My dear reader, if I or my ancestors, caused YOU or your ancestors, any harm, sorrow, or suffering of any kind, since the beginning of time, I am sorry, truly sorry for my mistakes, our mistakes and/or ignorance. Please, forgive us. Forgive us for not knowing any better. Forgive us for our mistakes and wrongdoings. We forgive those who have done wrong towards US. And as YOU forgive, what RETURS TO YOU... also is forgiveness. And so thank you. Thank you for the grace and compassion and for seeing my heart today, feeling remorse for years of suffering going back and forth between countries, between nations and tribes. Thank you for seeing my heart. I love you. Truly, I love you. I wish you peace, good health, happiness, love, and prosperity. May all things good come to you now.

Until next time, my heartfelt gratitude for you and your life in these times. May you and yours return to ho'oponopono also and receive all things good!

Gail Lynn


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