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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

September 12, 2022

Dear Reader,

Following up from my last post, I wanted to share with you a little more about singing bowls, vibrations, and chakras.

My first Tibetan singing bowl came from Sedona, Arizona several years back while visiting my dad. At the time, I didn't know the history of them nor the scientific studies that have been done with them, but I saw a person playing one and immediately, I wanted one. The sound lured me in and made me feel happy.

As I stated in my last blog post, there there are many health benefits that we gain from listening and/or playing the sound bowls. If you were to use the Internet to research "Scientific studies on the benefits of sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls", you have available at your disposal numerous studies demonstrating their health benefits. (However, if you merely type into your search bar, "benefits of singing bowls", you will simply get people's blogs, like here, or other websites that sell, teach, or refer to the singing bowls. So, if you want the PROOF, be sure to add in "scientific studies".)

One positive health benefit noted in the various studies include the result of a sound massage/sound bath and its effect on one's mood. Research has proven how our negative emotion/mood negatively effects our health and are linked to increased incidence of disease. In one study, 62 people participated in a sound meditation, including both men and women, and the participants experienced a significant reduction in tension. Tibetan singing bowl meditation may be a feasible low-cost technology intervention for reducing feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression, and increasing spiritual well-being." (From an evidence based observational study on complementary alternative medicine, 2016, Goldsby)

As singing bowls emit a sound vibration, one can search the "effects of sound vibration on human health" for further evidence of the benefit of sound healing. As physics tell us that everything is energy and emits a vibration, we only need to vibrate at a resonance that elicits harmony for our cells to be healthy. It all seems too simple, right?

But why does it have to be so complicated? Or is it only complicated here in the U.S.? I mean, sound vibrations were the building block of life in ancient times. Whether it was the medieval times, or India or Tibet, these finally crafted pieces of metal have become quite popular in today's world of healing modalities. Metal Tibetan Singing Bowls, made in Nepal, have come a long way. Today you can find bowls made of various materials, including aluminum, quartz crystal, amethyst, citrine, and much much more. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Just yesterday, I had one placed on my head as it was played and placed my hands in one large enough to stand in.

All this for the purpose of returning the body from sickness, or dis-ease, back to harmony and well being. But wait... there's more. Some Buddhists say that by meditating with these bowls, monks have been able to do the unthinkable... to do the miraculous... like... well.... I'll leave that for you to discover. I mean, not everyone wants to be able to be a miracle worker, ... right??

Hmmn... well... I'd like to... I mean... I grew up with my grandma and going to church every Sunday and the saying in my Sunday School classes, " What would Jesus do?" And MY answer these days would be, "Well, hell, Jesus would be healin' all these people! NOT sending them to hospitals!" :)

So... I'll keep learning and adding to my tool chest to help myself when needed and to help my family and friends and anyone who asks, because you know THAT saying, right?

"Ask, and you shall receive!"

Until next time friend,

Vibe High!

Gail Lynn

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