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Quantum Entanglement With My Son

September 20, 2023

Dear Reader,

If you are a parent, this is of great significance for you. It can help you to understand life a little bit better... OR... cause a massive amount of questions for you to delve into. This knowledge came to me after years of research, after jumping into a rabbit hole, after trying to resolve questions and difficulties I have faced.

The quantum entanglement I am referencing here occurred around the holiday, July 4th, 2011. Of course we had a family barbecue, swimming in the pool, and a cooler of beer. As the warm sunny day went, my kids and their friends were all having fun around the pool. My (then) fiancé and I had just got back from a weekend of tent camping in the forests of Pennsylvania. He and I were both a little tired and cranky as it was a difficult weekend with arguments around bear visits. I had a camping experience a few years back (without him) that included a visit to my campfire by a 500lb bear in the Allegheny Forests. (My daughter still laughs at this story.) Needless to say, as much as I love adventures and camping, evenings in tents and food left out make me edgy. So, feeling a little perturbed that my fiancé didn't understand my fears, I sat in silence during our 2 hour ride home contemplating my feelings. Maybe I was pouting, but we both were giving each other the silent treatment... until back at my house when we had to put our party faces on for the family barbecue. And we made the most of it... until everyone began leaving to prepare for the evening fireworks.

I really enjoy fireworks and was eager for the evening. Everyone had left the house to go back to their homes to change for the evening and gather blankets. My son and his girlfriend decided to go for ice cream on the way. My fiancé and I finished cleaning up the pool area and I don't remember exactly how the conversation began, but he wanted to go get his motorcycle to ride to the fireworks. Typically, I loved riding his Harley, but he had a beer or two and I was questioning his ability to drive safely.... typical mother in me. But as the conversation ensued, it began to get heated. I became more distraught and walked to the patio door in the dining room and stood looking out to the horizon. He was insisting on driving to get his motorcycle to ride to the fireworks. I turned and saw him reach for his keys on the counter. Suddenly, something just hit me and I became so agitated with his insistence on riding his motorcycle that I blew up. I went over to him and tried to grab his keys from his hand. He was quicker though and pulled back and headed out the door. I began yelling at him, saying he could cause an accident. I begged him not to go. I called his sister and asked her to talk to him. Needles to say, she came, he yanked the engagement ring off my hand, and they all left.

I sat on the ground and cried. I didn't understand how he could stop loving me in instances such as these. Our arguments often led to break-ups. My fears often led to arguments. I sat in the driveway sobbing for a good half hour. I just didn't want to get on that motorcycle. Why did that have to be a problem? My heart was hurting as I felt tossed aside. I looked up to the horizon and wondered if my family were at the park preparing for fireworks. A chill ran up my spine as the night air set in. I stood and walked inside.

Walking aimlessly through the kitchen and dining room, I heard my phone ring. It was my eldest son and his wife. "Helloooo.... " I sniffled and tried to compose myself.

"Mom, .... hello.... mom, why are you crying? Did you already hear the news? Did someone call you?"

Sobbing, I explained. "The engagement is off. He took the ring and left." I was heartbroken. But then something clicked. He asked if I had heard the news.

"What do you mean? Hear the news? What news?" My heart dropped. I felt a knot in my stomach. I knew something was terribly wrong.

"Get your purse. We will be there in a few minutes."

I could detect fear in his voice. "Where's your brother? Is Cassie okay? What's going on??" My sobs came to a sober halt as dread overcame me. He kept talking, stalling until he walked into my house. He stood before me and took hold of both my arms.

"Josh was in a motorcycle accident. They called Starlight to fly him to the critical care unit down at a hospital in Pennsylvania. We need to go"

I was smacked with the worst possible news. Something terrible had happened to one of my children. My son was in a motorcycle accident. (For more of this story read my book; "The Heroine's Journey; a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws" available on Amazon).

Fast forward some years, I have became very involved in a spiritual community, faced some sickness, and researched science and spirituality.

I've taken classes and studied the works of many scientists, researchers, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Lynne McTaggert and I've made some realizations.

Quantum Entanglement explains WHY my thoughts, fears, and my body overreacted when in 2011, my fiancé wanted me to go ride his motorcycle. My son was in the midst of having a motorcycle accident as my fiancé was telling me he wanted us to ride his motorcycle.

Physicists explain the phenomena in a really scientific manner using language that most ordinary people wouldn't understand, but for me, it's like this: cells (particles) that are in my son came from me (and yes his dad too) and in the midst of his accident and the sudden jolt of fear that he was hit with, also hit me as we are connected so closely as parent and child. Science says, "Two particles are linked together no matter how far the distance between them."

In 1935, Albert Einstein first began the ideas of entanglement. Faster than the speed of light, information between particles is transferred.

Could this also be the explanation of why in May 2021 when my mother's soul left her physical body, that I knew immediately... even though she was in New York... and I was in North Carolina? (That'll be in my next book.)

Neuroscience has demonstrated the how and why this is possible .... and for me explained WHY I was so distraught when my fiancé wanted me to ride his motorcycle.... the word "motorcycle" alone sent me into panic attacks for some time after this experience with me son.

To end on a positive thought, my son recovered and is doing well.... and NOT riding motorcycles anymore, which I am grateful for.

A parent's deep love and connection to their children make it difficult to NOT feel what they are going through. I have learned that I often pick up on their emotions, and yes, no matter how far apart we are. So what do we do when we feel their sadness or fear? Well, that's for another time. But know this, the love I have for my children is so strong that they could feel it no matter where I am, or they are, in the world.

One last thought (in my wise age) If you are a new parent dropping off your child at the daycare and you feel worry or sadness, your little one will pick up on that. If you leave your child at daycare feeling excitement for their new adventure and assure the little one he/she WILL have an en=joyable day, it will occur! It's physics!!

So... where does this fit in with everything in our life? What connection can we make between quantum entanglement and other things in our life? How can we use this information to help us even more?

You'll have to come back for that next thought! So until next time, send a very positive thought of love and success (mentally of course) to your children! And I send it to YOU! :)

Love and Success to you reader,

Rev. Gail Lynn

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1 Comment

Jessica Tarnowski
Jessica Tarnowski
Sep 21, 2023

I have had many many quantum entanglements as you call them. And not only with blood. With boyfriends, friends, friends family members…. I always chalked it up to my intuition. It’s so cool.

Thank you for sharing your experience & thankful for a happy ending for your son and you!🙏🏼

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