Perseverance ....

Some people tell you never give up. But the Universe doesn't understand the "negative" (never), but instead hears, "give up". It's the same as the psychologist who says to speak our statements to children in the positive, rather than the negative, so say the words... "please walk"... rather than... "don't run".

Whatever you focus on... expands. If you focus on the negative (Never give up or don't run) the Universe hears (give up or RUN). So instead, make your statements in the positive form, "keep going strong" "be the winner" "you've got this!" and the Universe will respond in the same. And so consider what you want the end result to be... GREAT health, GREAT relationships, GREAT success! Strong! Winner! Success! Happy!

Consider the words you speak each day... and focus on the positive!

In all your endeavors... in creating great health, wealth, relationships, love, and bliss... always focus on the desire, the end result, the positive... and persevere!


I love you!


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