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Past Life in Hawaii

November 15, 2022

Dear Reader,

The conversation around "past lives" or "reincarnation" can be fun if you're open to it! I think it first popped into my head one night while sitting around my kitchen table with a few friends. It may have been Brian that started the conversation, but his fiancé and I joined in easily. I think that was the summer of 2016. Brian had a vivid dream, or maybe it was a meditation, but he described what he saw and felt and made reference to the significance of it in this life with his fiance Denise. "I loved her once before", he said. Denise chuckled and looked at Brian with flattery.

We all giggled some more then decided to do a meditation right there around my kitchen table. When finished, the three of us engaged our imaginations as we talked about what we "saw" in our minds eye. Days where the sun scorched the earth and the desert sand was a battle ground was the setting as Brian fought for his beloved. Me on the other hand, I had visions of walking alone along the shores of a large body of water. My flowing dress blew in the wind as I stared out at the boats coming in with their catch. The next thing I knew, we were talking about Denise's sisters in Hawaii.

Ah, what a dream...I thought, live in Hawaii would be a dream..

Jump ahead to the following year, 2017. I was having a difficult go at life and the lyme disease that had engulfed my life since 2013 was defeating me. Life was defeating me. And that was when Denise said, "you need to go to Hawaii and stay with my sisters. Hawaii will heal you. Hawaii heals everything."

I simply laughed at the absudity and said, "who am I to go to Hawaii?" I brushed it off. Denise on the other hand kept insisting. Looking back, I guess she knew what bad shape I was in, and not just physically either. I needed that retreat. Needless to say, I went to the Big Island of Hawaii in April of 2017 and stayed with Wendy and Laurie, Denise's sisters. They took me in, fed me, loved me, and showed me the ways of the island. Something began happening to me... but then I had to return to New York. I had to get back to my job. But something happened to my heart while I was there. I think Hawaii took a piece of my heart, or rather, perhaps I left a piece of my heart there. Either way, I knew I HAD to go back. The symptoms of lyme disease "softened" while I was there. Things weren't so ... harsh... after that.

A month or two prior, I had read a book on using writing as a healing mechanism, I had been more diligent about writing my life story and of what led to my diagnosis of Lyme disease, I had chapters starting at my earliest childhood and going all the way through the present time, it was like a memoir. Writing about some of the ugliest times of my life, especially childhood, was cathartic. It was like emptying the trash. It was similar to my first time going to Lily Dale when after a reading with a medium, I felt a huge release of all the weight I had been carrying. Going to Hawaii, filled the empty spaces and began healing the inner child that had been lost for so long.

After that stay, Wendy was adamant I return. She saw the changes beginning.

"Come stay for the whole summer Gail Lynn", Wendy excitedly exclaimed one day. "Laurie is going away to Italy and I could use the company. You can use her car to explore the island and let the island heal your little heart."

After some coaxing, I finally agreed. Then synchronicity would have it that I came upon a Hay House Writer's Workshop occurring on Maui right about the same time I would be going to Hawaii. Another tool to help me HEAL!!! I thought. I would learn how to complete my book, complete my healing, and get my life back. I wanted nothing more than to be well again. Hawaii was helping me to do just that!

I booked my flight to Maui to attend the Hay House Writer's Workshop starting June 22 and then I booked a flight to go to Big Island right afterwards. This would be my summer healing journey! "Your life is never going to be the same" a friend told me.

EVERYTHING about the trip brought me great excitement! I KNEW I was going to finish the healing cycle once and for all. I knew the Lyme disease was going to be eradicated once and for all. I just KNEW these things. And I was hopeful about life again!

The flight to Maui that June of 2017... was.... MaGiCaL? Mystical??? Miracles and synchronicity and life gave me unexpected alliances. I met a stranger who felt familiar. I felt I knew him. AND... he knew author, inspirational speaker Wayne Dyer... and I KNEW instantly... the three of us had shared a life once before. Maui and the Hay House Writers Workshop and meeting Reid Tracy was NO COINCIDENCE. Science will attest to that, there are no coincidences. Nothing happens by chance.

And my time on the Big Island after that, and the NDE (near death experience) confirmed for me the prior visions. And then my trip to Oahu and the Pearl Harbor Memorial with Wendy for a weekend jaunt gave me another clue. And then going back to Maui for the month of August and finding a piece of artwork on Front Street called "Forever" by sculptor Michael Wilkinson, was another clue. Okay Universe, God, Source... I get it! .... I think...

I've been here before... and NOT just on Oahu during the attacks on Pearl Harbor. My Hawaiian aunties have shared with me stories of long ago... and they are familiar. Just like the sculpture called "Forever", just like walking around Pearl Harbor. just like sitting next to the stranger on the plane going to Hawaii... just like the feeling I had at Mount Shasta... and the meditation with Brian and Denise where I was walking along the shores of Hawaii... I've been here before.

Ho'oponopno, the Hawaiian reconciliation practice of love and forgiveness, was created by a kahuna, a keeper of secrets. SHE, kahuna lapa'au, Spiritual Healer, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, was born on the island of Ohahu. She was raised Christian as the take over of the islands brought this religion. Growing up, Morrnah learned of other ways of seeing and perceiving the world. She learned about eastern traditions and began incorporating these within her own life after her own round of illness. She began praying to the Divine Creator. As she began to understand reincarnation and karma better, through Buddhist tradition, from teachings of India and China, from Edgar Cayce even, she developed a prayer/mantra for self healing. It is a combination of philosophies from BOTH the east and the west. It is just one more bridge to join the east and the west.... just one more piece to the puzzle the spirit world has had me putting together.

Joining of the east and the west, which for so long has been at odds, has been part of my mission. Giving and receiving love to all has been part of my mission. Releasing past fear has been part of my mission. Unconditional love has been part of my mission. Healing with love has been part of my mission. Helping others heal through love has been part of my mission. Remembering love has been part of my mission. Returning to love, or rather a

"RETURN TO HO'OPONOPONO" has been part of my mission, not just for me, but for our planet.

Dear reader, if I or my ancestors have caused you any harm, sorrow, or suffering, from the beginning of time, in all ages, though all wars, in all the mulitiverses, to the present, I am sorry. I am sorry for my mistakes. Forgive me for any harm I caused. Will you forgive me? And so it is, that through the Law of One, as you (for)give, so shall you receive. Thank you. Thank you for the love and forgiveness. Thank you for unconditional love. Thank you for your compassion. Thank you for the grace. Thank you for seeing me and my heart today. I release the past now and forever.

I see you. I love you. I love you unconditionally.


Gail Lynn

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