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Past life Companions

May 2023

Dear Reader,

This is my dear sweet friend, mentor, Tony. It was in the last five or six years that we began talking about our past lives together. Both of us avid readers and students of the metaphysical world, we had read books about past lives and contemplated how that fits in with our beliefs.

I think it was after my NDE in Hawaii in 2017 that I started questioning my own past lives. There were too many experiences for it not to be a valid explanation of many things in my life, everything from fear of being in caves to the vivid memories that overcame me while visiting Pearl Harbor in Oahu that beautuful summer of '17.

Tony and I began having conversations like, "Who might you be from the Bible since energy cannot be created nor destroyed."

"Wise one", I would reply, "you were my teacher back then. You are my Moses."

We would chuckle and contemplate the various characters we may have played, lifetime after lifetime.

In meditation, we would even visit these far off places. Making imagination come to life, we would elaborate stories of being those people who we had read about.

Could it be possible that we have lived many lives before and the stories that are in the history books are our stories?

What if they were true? What if I really was the nurse running across the field in Oahu during the attacks on Pearl Harbor, dying in the arms of my beloved?

What if Tony really was Moses in a past incarnation?

Does it matter?

How could any of that mean anything today?

Why would a university have a whole department to the study of past lives if it were not relevant?

At the very least, it's fun to play pretend. As Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge.

Hmmnnn... wonder why...

Until next time,

Gail lynn

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