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Paint your life beautiful

April 5th, 2021

Dear Reader,

Have you ever made a vision board?

What if creating your life was as easy as painting a picture on a canvas... or writing a story on paper? That's how it all started for me. I began noticing that the things I put on a vision board were coming into my life. And then one day, I suddenly realized the same thing was happening from my writing. The things I wrote about in a journal actually HAPPENED in my life!

If you could manifest instantaneously, have a wish come true immediately, as if you were your own personal genie, what would you wish for? (Keep in mind you should not infringe upon another person's free will. Whatsoever you put out, returns. What you do to others will get done to you.)

Why not practice creating with something simple, like getting a hallmark card in the mail. Begin to imagine in your mind opening your mailbox and finding a pretty blue envelope. Imagine the excitement you feel as if you are opening the Hallmark Card NOW. Allow the Hallmark card to enter your thoughts throughout the day for the next few days, see it, feel it, give thanks for the card! Close your eyes and sniff it. Does it have a smell? Then forget about it. Anticipate it arriving! How exciting is it knowing that YOU just manifested (created) this card, this experience! (Don't try to figure out how it comes or from who, just know that the Universe is going to provide what you think about.) Each day, spend a minute or two focusing on the card arriving in your mailbox and the surprise/excitement you feel from receiving this and say to the Universe, "Thank you for the Hallmark card that came in the mail this week!" Trust, have faith, believe right now that it is already on the way!

As I learned that I was creating things in my life that originated in my thoughts, I became more mindful of my thoughts. Thoughts become things.

What thoughts are you creating and making manifest in your life right now? Can you see how you have done that and not even realized it? That's what happened to me! Realizing I manifested a mild heart attack... by the thoughts I focused upon... was the last time I manifested illness! Now, I try to be more aware of my thoughts and create beautiful pictures and a beautiful life. I still make mistakes, but only minor ones... nothing like sickness or disease, not anymore!

May your manifestations be beautiful and filled with peace, joy, good health, and prosperity!

With love,

Gail Lynn

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