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Gratitude Effects Our Health

May 21, 2024

Dear Reader,

A sunny day with blue skies and big fluffy clouds drifting here and there help me to feel happy, which science has proven, improves our health!'s not rocket science! Use your Internet and search engine of choice to do your own research and look up, "effects of sunshine on our health" .

And since sunshine has proven health benefits, why on earth would I want to put a pill in my body if I can heal my body with sunshine? Why on earth would I want to ease stress and anxiety with a drug if being in nature can heal my body?

According to online National Institute of Health (NIH) and Pubmed, "the best known benefit of sunlight is its ability to boost the body's vitamin D supply; most cases of vitamin D deficiency are due to lack of outdoor sun exposure." At one point in time, doctors throughout Europe and North America were promoting whole-body sunbathing to help prevent rickets. Even patients with TB were sent to sunbathe. Over time, "phototherapy" became a popular medical treatment "not only for TB, but also for rheumatic disorders, diabetes, gout, chronic ulcers, and wounds." It wasn't until years later in the 1930's that the U.S. Public Health Service started warning people about sun-related "health risks". And the following decades, as a result of these warnings, skin cancer hazards of excessive sun exposure began to be studied and mapped out. But I have to wonder... was it the FEAR and attention given to the topic that created the disease of skin cancer rather than the sun itself?? FEAR effects our blood just as gratitude and appreciation do, only fear is negative (low vibration) and gratitude and joy are positive (high vibration).

Keep this in mind, where attention goes, energy flows. AND what we focus upon, we attract. The only thing to fear, is that which we fear.... the fear itself, for what we focus upon, we attract. FEAR lowers our immune system, whereas gratitude and joy enhances our immune system. SO... perhaps it was the "fear" that caused the cancer rather than the sun itself.

To further my own understanding of health and illness, I have read and studied the work of Louise Hay and incorporated HER work into my own life for healing purposes. IT WORKED! For example, her own recovery from cancer was a testament to what is possible in healing. KNOWING how our emotions effect our health has been a part of my own healing journey for the past ten years. Knowing HOW my emotions caused my mini stroke helped me to overcome the effects and heal without the need of the traditional western medicine drug route. Knowing how my EMOTIONS caused Lyme disease helped me to heal lyme disease without the usual route of pharmaceuticals. When I looked up "Louise Hay's causes of symptoms" and read through her books, it all made sense. I began to pair up that learning with my study of Dr. David Hawkins scale of consciousness and realized how much our emotions played into both sickness and healing.

Since discovering my own emotions caused my own sickness, I realized the way OUT of sickness could be in the same manner, through emotions. Emotions of a lower vibration made me sick, then having emotions of a higher vibration is when I got well. Is it really that simple?? I wondered. And the answer was a profound Yes!

And then I got to witness it first hand as an awakened observer. Watching the world go through a crazy EVENT201 pandemic simulation, witnessing people's fear, anger, fury, causing THEM sickness, I wanted to warn people, I tried to help them, keep them from expereincing the agony I went through, but... no one believed me. Family, friends, community members all thought I was crazy... but I was the only one not getting sick. Yes, that was crazy. Caring for sick people and never getting sick. Teaching people how our thoughts can make us sick was almost impossible. "People have to experience it", is what I was being told, from the spiritual world. And funny thing is, that is exactly what Glenda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she had to discover her power for herself because she never would have believed had she just been told.

Beginning in 2020 when a planned pandemic was let loose on the minds of people, I watched as people fell to fear... and covid. I watched as some people WISHED covid on another, and yet they THEMSELF got covid. I watched the anger, the fear, the apathy... and all the while, I tried helping people see clearly. My own "spiritual" community fell into fear and anger and closed everything down, shut me down, shut down both healers and churches, and it was then in 2020 that I decided to walk away and be the example of courage. I tried to reason with people, but there was no reasoning. So, I focused on fun, adventure, gratitude for my own spiritual awakening that helped me to see clearly. I drove south to North Carolina and moved in with my son for awhile. I led by example to my own family and tried to teach them through reminding them of my own journey ... THE HEROINE'S JOURNEY....

As scripture says we should live according to Law, and having had the experience to know WHY now, I see that knowing THEE Law is fundamental to life. One such Law that would be good for you to know if you are on the path as a truth seeker, as a spiritual being desiring a healthier, happier life, is the Law of Vibration. Knowing how the EMOTION, the vibration of LOVE, effects you, would be good to know. Knowing how the vibration of shame affects you would be good to know. Knowing how GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION effects your health would be a good bit of wisdom to attain!

If you're not sure where to begin, simply open your browser and type in, " Ways Gratitude Impacts Your Health". Read at least six articles on the postive effects of gratitude and watch what happens to your health IF you implement these things! The Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, the physicists, AND the Bible all speak about these things!

Want to boost your health? Try keeping a gratitude journal ... or simply write out thank you cards every day to mail out to people for their friendship or gift or time on a call... or use the back of a piece of old junk mail and write a thank you note to somone in your household.

As Dr Joe Dispenza says, "gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving". Gratitude effects our health! Gratitude and appreciation effects our immunity! Be more conscious of your state of gratitude!

Until next time reader, thank you for showing up here!

You are appreciated!

Rev Gail Lynn

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