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My Walk Into Mexico

Dear Reader,

This was an exciting adventure last year!! I drove out west to see my dad in Arizona and after a few weeks with him, decided to go to California to swim in the ocean. Well, along the way, I came alongside the Mexican border. I began wondering as I drove what the big stink was all about with "the wall" so I took a few turns to go see it. I found a place to park my car and observed the people, Americans, doing the same, parking their car in this car lot and then going and walking up to this fence, a place where security guards stood with their big guns. With big broad smiles, Americans walked right into Mexico... during a "pandemic" (eh-hem... cough... cough). Frankly, I knew it was spiritual warfare, but hey, that's for another story. Oh, and so did this guy. But enough about that.

Anyways, I was curious about this wall and with all these Americans going into Mexico. I wondered, "How do they do that? What do I need to "cross the border" and especially during a "pandemic"... are they allowing everybody in? And if so, why don't we?

Well, I asked a woman passing by. (I'm always asking questions, just one reason why many doctors didn't like me showing up with my mom at her appointments... ooops, sidetracked again.)

Needless to say, the answer was simple. "You just walk in. You don't need to do anything on your way in to Mexico. But coming back, you'll need your ID. Our people are tougher about people entering."

"Hmnnnnn"...I thought. I won't touch this one... but... I must admit, I was a bit scared!! I mean, these patrol officers at the border, they mean business. And then there's me, Pollyanna, as I've been called at times, smiling and waving at the guys in uniform....friendly to all. Every now and then though a thought popped into my head. Before leaving my dad's, I hinted I may go to Mexico, only kidding of course, and my step mom warned me, "It can be dangerous! You must be careful!" She's from Mexico with many family members living there, yet she's scared. I wondered why, but didn't let that stop me and my curiousity. But my friend Rhonda was with me so I wasn't totally naive when walking over the border.

It ended up being a fun adventurous few hours. A little tour through the shopping district, lunch and a margarita of course, and then it was time to "line up". That was the worst part of crossing the border, the loooooooong line getting back into the states... but hey, for socialites like me, that just gave me another opportunity to meet people from around the world! And, I even got serenaded by a tall charming man who we struck up a conversation with! I think he was a former love in a past life.

Of course I brought a few of my books with me to give away, and for a good reason, I left books with some of the Mexicans who could speak/read English. In my pandemic research over the past few years, I discovered that in our history with Mexico, Americans sprayed a toxic chemical called Zyklon B on Mexicans at the border (do your own research) and if I or my family were part of that atrocity, I wanted to make amends.

Do you realize how many lives we've had as a soul? And that we are here clearing karma for many sorrows we've caused? I mean, every person we meet could be someone we've either loved deeply or hurt in past lives and if I've caused any one harm, I want to make amends. I wonder, is it possible to make amends in one mass sincere repentance, ho'oponopono? (I'm asking my higher self and will get back to you at another time.)

From my work with Ho'oponopono on my mom during this war, it sure did help some. But I won't get into that story. I hope it helps this shop owner though and his family by giving him my book... for if I kept it a secret, it would be MY karma, for even when we KEEP SECRETS... that is karma. If you can help in some way, if you see someone suffering, if they want help, offer it. At least that's what I believe! I sure wouldn't want secrets of healing a disease kept from me! You know scripture says, "As you sow, so shall you reap."

I hope you give Ho'oponopono a try in your own life. It WILL offer you amazing results, if you know the secret. ;) and if you don't by the time you're done reading the book, just ask!

Thank you for being here to help raise the consciousness of our planet! Until next time, I send you Big Aloha!

Rev. Gail Lynn

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Jessica Tarnowski
Jessica Tarnowski
Sep 21, 2023

I have been practicing and teaching Ho’oponopono since you taught me. Truly amazing. 🤍🙏🏼


Thank you for sharing your experiences there and your thoughts of what happened during the time spent there. Was it in Algodones? Also, where do I find the Ho'oponopono book?


Sep 19, 2023
Replying to

Hi Marc, yes, it was Algodones! And my book is available on Amazon. A link from my home page should take you there or else just search "Return to Ho'oponopono" on amazon. Thank you for reaching out! And let me know what you think about the book. ;)

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