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Messages from the Spirit World

Dear Reader,

On Sunday, May 23, 2021 I was sitting outside at my daughter's home in North Carolina when I received a phone call from the nursing home where my mother resided. The urgency in the staff member's voice made me anxious. Fortunately, I had a notebook in front of me and I started taking notes. I remember hearing, "Emily was in and out of her room" and "she turned her oxygen up because your mother seemed to be having difficulty breathing." Then, upon hearing the words 911 and CPR was being given, I immediately asked the woman to take the phone into mom's room so that she could hear my voice. Mom always responded to my voice. It happened in Pittsburgh back in December. But the nurse was turned away by the paramedics who were going to try to move her to the hospital. I became angry. "PLEASE!" I begged, "she needs to hear my voice!" But the woman just apologized and told me to call the hospital in a bit. "Who are these paramedics?" I burst out. "They don't know my momma. She needs me!" I yelled out.

"Call the hospital in an hour and they will give you further information", replied the staff member at the nursing home.

We hung up the phone and I began to panic. I was afraid. I felt momma was not going to pull through this time. Tears began falling and I looked up just in time to see a Cardinal fly across the yard. Then I heard the words, "She's going." I began to cry harder and speaking out loudly, I said to my momma, "I'm right here holding your hand momma. You are not alone." I brought my hands together as if holding her hand. "I'm here. And I know you can feel me. You're okay momma." Then I dropped my hands and reached for the pen that lay in front of me. I began writing to her.

"MOM, I love you momma. I love you mom. I love you mommy. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you...." my hand suddenly stopped and I picked up my cell phone and looked at the time. It was 6:32 pm. and then I heard the words in my head, "she's gone."

I picked up the pen again and continued to write I love you as tears fell, but then I felt another energy shift. I stopped and looked up at the clear blue sky and I just knew my mom was gone. I wanted to cry out and yell at her to stop, to come back, but I couldn't. She deserved the love that was waiting for her. She deserved the peace and healing that is found on the other side of life.

I stood and paced the yard crying. Just like momma, I was alone. My daughter had gone to a work meeting and my son in law had left to go to the store. But then it hit me, I wasn't alone, momma was there in spirit. She was singing to me through the Cardinal and letting me know she was free. No more suffering, No more fighting the system. No more fighting old beliefs. And certainly no more fear of death. She was received at the threshold to the other side by those who had gone before her, by angels showering her with thee most beautiful love she could ever imagine. I know that love that momma experienced as she crossed the threshold of life, as I've been there before myself. As the cardinal flew off to the next yard, I sat down feeling numb. Then I picked up my notebook and looked at the page I had just scribbled over. Did that really just happen?

I gathered my things and went inside to pack. I needed to get back to New York. Maybe that was all just a bad dream, a bad day dream. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out. My heart was racing as I threw my clothes into my suitcase and carried my things out to my car. This can't be happening, I thought. It's just not true.

Days later, I reviewed the medical records from the nursing home, the transportation service, and the hospital. I wanted to know the exact time of death to see if it really lined up with the time the cardinal flew in front of me.

At 17:51 (5:51pm) A call was made and the dispatch was received at the fire department for the nursing home resident (my mother) found unresponsive with respiratory distress.

18:02 (6:02pm approximately)Paramedics arrived at nursing home and reported to 2A, Room 223 at which time CNRC staff reported that patient (my mother) was a full code. *apparently, the CNRC failed to say she had a DNI (DO NOT INTUBATE). At the bedside, patient (my mother) was found unresponsive with agonal breathing, pupils non-reactive, and flaccid in all extremities. Oxygen was initiated.

18:07 Bradycardiac noted. IV began. No change in patient response.

18:12 .5 mg of atropine given with no response noted from patient.

18:14 (6:14pm) ventilations taken over by firefighter on scene.

18:15 cardiac arrest noted and CPR with start compressions began (no change noted in patient, Defrillerator pads applied to patient. no response.

18:18 1 mg. epinephrine given to patient via IV push. no response noted.

18:23 second dose of. epinephrine given to patient with no response.

*18:25 *Orotracheal Intubation performed with no response from patient. (We're told nursing home failed to inform paramedics of DNI)

18:28. third dose of epiniphrine given. no response from patient.

18:29 patient moved from bed to stretcher via 4 person move and loaded to transport to hospital. Firefighter was on board.

18:36 Cardiac alert sent to hospital.

18:38 arrival at hospital. Patient offload- cold.

*Body temperature upon arrival at hospital was 93*

patient care transferred to 18:42 (6:42pm).

* According to these documents, the flight of the Cardinal correlated to the time when mom was being transported in the ambulance. But something doesn't make sense with her body temperature being 93*.

Determining the time of death of a loved one typically isn't relevant. But in the case of the present circumstances and a so-called pandemic and medical institutions giving most everybody a positive "covid-19" diagnosis at death, the timing IS important. My mother did not die in the hospital nor did she die of covid-19, which appear on her death certificate.

According to medical examiners and coroners, the body temperature begins to drop at approximately 1.5* degrees per hour at "death", however, death times are recorded differently depending upon the circumstance. The physiologic time of death is when the organs stop functioning, however a "legal time of death" is merely the time recorded on the death certificate. In the case of homicide, or missing persons, time of death often is estimated. BUT, in my momma's case, given she arrived at the hospital at 6:42pm on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021, with a 93* body temperature, that would mean her body/brain already began the death process hours earlier. That means all the pharmaceutical drugs given her at the hospital May 24th, 2021 through May 26th, including the highly toxic sedative Fentanyl AND Versed AND Remdesivir (which the World Health Organization recommends AGAINST the use of for treatment per the November 20, 2020 statement), were not only futile, but unethical and immoral. Her soul was gone.

As the Hippocratic oath seems to have become meaningless and the Nuremberg Code has little meaning in our day to day personal life even though one could make a case for the pandemic being psyop operations (psychological warfare) causing death to many, and since death of humans seems to have become irrelevant in the face of artificial intelligence , where does that leave us in terms of healthcare rights? Do we even dare take our loved ones to the hospital anymore? Well, these days, it's not even necessary in many cases with the new "Telehealth" and artificial intelligence being injected into the population, unless of course, one is close to death and can offer an institution a large sum of money... (yes, I'm angry, sad, grieving).

So, where is the future of healthcare going? Why do we need such AI technology when energy of the human soul can be transmuted, transformed, healed...energetically. Jesus walked on water, so could other humans if they "believed".

Since the soul never dies, since energy cannot be destroyed, since our loved ones speak to us from the other side,...

since the body heals itself when told to do so, since symptoms are a result of negative emotions stuck in the body ... and disease is a spiritual matter where natural law was compromised,...

do we really need all that toxic medicine in our world?

Do we really need all that technology in the healthcare field? Do we really need Universities telling young people how to diagnosis patients with a disease when sickness is really negative emotions stuck in the body that can be healed with love and forgiveness and reconciliation upon breaking natural law?

The future holds great possibilities. When people are willing to look at the rise and fall of past civilizations and see how the power of the mind explains both science and spiritual phenomena, perhaps then we can usher in the heaven on Earth that no man would want to leave. Perhaps as people learn and understand and practice the laws of nature, we shall see perfect health, happiness, and peace on Earth for all. Can you look back upon Atlantis and Lumeria and see these lessons showing up to be healed?

Until then, I continue my own practice of forgiveness...(forgive as you would want to be forgiven) and to those who harmed my mother, whether intentional or unintentionally, may you find peace in your soul.

Momma came to me through a Cardinal on several occasions immediately after finding her body cold that Tuesday in ICU. She also came to us through a cardinal once again as we stepped off the stairs leaving the funeral home. I know she is with me whenever I need her and I know she will incarnate into an easier life whenever she is ready. What a wonderful day that will be when I witness her soul in a newborn baby. I'm ready for that message whenever she is and I will celebrate her new life, the resurrection of her soul, if I am so fortunate to be a witness to that miracle.

Yours truly,

Gail Lynn

The Heroine's Journey; a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws

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