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Meditate for Mental Health

May 7, 2024

Dear Reader,

Have you ever considered the idea that simply sitting and staring into nature could be one way to help with your mental health, your emotional and psychological well-being? And by focusing your thoughts on one thing, such as this beautiful swan, or the ripples in the lake, or even closing your eyes and picturing the word "calm", you are participating in a form of meditation that could assist you with self care and improved mental health.

There are many meditation techniques that we can implement to find our inner peace when the world seems a bit too much for us and what works for one person may not work for another. And don't let the word "meditate" throw you off either. For example, just a few weeks ago, I organized a walking meditation in my community to join in with a larger group of meditators that was led by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his "Walk For The World" event. Dr. Joe recorded a guided meditation that we listened to as we stood with our eyes closed and imagined peace. And then opening our eyes, he continued to guide us as we walked in a trance state, again imagining peace and love going out into the world. So YES, you can even meditate while walking!

Guided meditations are a great way to begin using mindfulness to ease anxiety and lessen stress. And there are many guided meditation videos available online that you can listen to for FREE to foster calm emotions and greater peace and happiness. For the novice, just search youtube for "meditations to reduce stress" or "guided meditations for greater peace". Your inner child, your subconscious, and higher self knows what words to use when you are doing a search so just use your gut instinct or whatever thought that pops into your head. Begin today using guided meditations for your own peace of. mind and well being.

The beauty of mindfulness or meditation is that you don't have to tell anyone you are a "meditator" or that you are focusing on your mental health. The world we live in today requires us all to be proactive on our well-being, and having the Internet at our fingertips, it's easy to do. Why not give it a try? Are you ready for a little more peace in your life? So whether you find a quiet spot in nature to be mindful of the beauty or gaze at an animal gliding through water, or whether you find a guided meditation online to listen to, start today to be proactive in your health and your mental health. And be mindful of your thoughts as you conclude reading right now... what are your thoughts telling you? (Go search and find a guided meditation or be still and be quiet?)

Until next time reader, I'm off to meditate.


Gail Lynn

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