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Law of Attraction and Healing Lyme (or any) Disease

March 15, 2024

Dear Reader,

After three and a half years of struggling as a self-published author, I am backing up and starting over again. My passion for helping others blinded me. I thought I could help EVERYONE, but the content I wrote about to help others in THEIR healing journey, is not everyone's cup o' tea. It has triggered both good memories of a love held deep in the heart, as well as childhood memories of abuse. The book is not everyone 's cup o' tea because not everyone is ready to heal. BUT... if YOU are, ... if you are searching for a path to heal, to evolve, to rise in consciousness/awareness of life in a different way, if you are on a spiritual quest, spiritual journey, or in search of another way to bring healing into your life, then this is a book for you! But let me warn you.... the spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart.

First, it takes real courage to take ownership of our own stupidity. Reading about others revealing their deep secrets, their pain, their trauma, their stupidity in love, is easy, funny actually. But it can also give us courage to do the same. It can give us insight into where we went wrong in life. For example, listening to Brene Brown on the topic of "Vulnerability" in her TED talk inspired me, gave me courage. I could connect with her... I could relate... and that's what stories do. Help us make connections, inspire us and give us courage. Stories help us feel like we're not alone in our stupidity, in our pain or grief or loneliness or fear. Reading my story, THE HEROINE'S JOURNEY, will also help you to see, you're not alone in what you have gone through in life, whether it's heartbreak from a divorce, or love not returned, or childhood abuse or trauma, or feeling like you failed as a parent, or weren't good enough as a child. You'll see... whether you're man or woman... you're not alone.

Baring my soul throughout the story has brought readers laughter as well as tears. It has afforded people opportunity to say, "Hey, I went through that."... or "I'm sorry you went through that." For some people, it has triggered memories from childhood that have given them the opportunity to heal. There have been people who were facing sickness who have gleaned information and gave them hope. I mean, if ONE can heal from Lyme disease, can't all? Since I did, after four and a half years, couldn't you or a loved one? I mean...I'm no more special than you. If you are looking to heal a sickness, don't give up! Surround yourself with people who help you feel loved, supported. Read my story to see what I did, or read other healing stories. You may just find another way of healing. There are many paths that lead to the destination you desire.

I must mention here though, not everyone is READY to heal....yet. Some people are just simply tired of life and don't have the energy to heal. Some people who have been sick for so long have a fear... they have to think about, "who am I without my sickness?" Seriously, I felt that too. After days upon days of searching for answers, months upon months of doctors and not feeling well, you resign to the pain, the fatigue, the days of loathing "happy people" and "living with the sickness" as some doctors say we must do. But I did get to a point where I was determined to get my life back... and even though that came after many many months... I did it. And so can you if you choose!

So, what is the take away? What do readers get from reading my book? Well, for starters, that every human goes through love and loss of love and how we handle those losses affect future relationships... for both men and women. By hearing how others handled something, we can learn something. Regarding "The Heroine's Journey", some women say, "I get it"... and "That happened to me too." So many have said, "This could be MY story." Men say... well... I'll quote Rev. John C. White, Master Spiritual Teacher from Lily Dale, New York: "Gail Lynn's story is inspiring to all who are on the path of finding our authentic selves." And one more from the masculine reader and author from Big Island Hawaii, Stewart Blackburn (It's Time to Come Home: With Kindness and Compassion We Come Back to Ourselves) "the path to self-empowerment is a tortuous, precious trail. With great insight and compelling writing, Gail Lynn has bravely shared the intimate particulars of her intense spiritual expedition. This is a profound and inspiring story in support of all who dare to live more deeply."

And finally to answer "WHY?'... why should you listen to (read) what I have to say? Why are my words so important to hear?

I had experience with not only Lyme disease, but a mini stroke (TIA), and a mild heart attack. I was a school teacher, a mom, a daughter, a friend... just your average gal... and if I can heal these things naturally, without lifelong, years or even months or weeks of medication, while using mind over matter techniques that is scientifically backed, then so too can the next person...if that is what they'd like to do.

Learning laws of physics... applying these laws... bridging science and spirituality... combining both worlds... will help you in ALL areas of your life... not just health. But for me, improving heath, that's the most important reason for reading/knowing/experiencing this book, to have these tools for living successfully.

My wish for you, is that you too can utilize the laws of physics to attain great health and happiness!

All the best and happy reading hero/heroine! Until next time, I send you love!

Rev. Gail Lynn

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