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I JUMPED!!! And the Universe caught me!

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Yesterday I was feeling a little... out of sorts.... so I got in the truck and with no plan in mind set out to look for something...but I didn't know what. I let my angels guide me.

It wasn't long before I was passing by a favorite snorkeling spot that I discovered the first time I was here in Maui in 2017. I didn't feel like this was what I was looking for... so I continued driving. I then came to the blow hole, another favorite spot I've previously hiked. I slowed down to get a feel for the energy here and checked in with my angels, "do I stop here?" (no was the feeling that I got, so I continued driving.) Then I remembered my friend Kim telling me about a place called the Olivine Pools. So I decided I'd keep driving to see if I could find this place.

Twists, turns, and hairpins later, I finally came to a parking area where my gps said I had arrived at the pools. I grabbed my towel and water and headed for the path. It led me to a sign that cautioned visitors about the dangers of continuing. Like many places one would go hiking or exploring in Maui, there are places of "danger". So again, I stopped and checked in with my angels. At first, I was quite afraid of this risky feat I was about to take, but then I asked the Arch Angel Michael to keep me safe. I knew I had to face this fear and get to the bottom where the beautiful crystal clear pools were waiting. I had a strong desire to bask in the beauty of these pools that sat just ever so slightly protected from the dangers of strong currents and riptides. In my mind, I wondered if HERE was that "something" that I was looking for, here at the Olivine tide pools.

I began my trek down the rocky cliffs of sharp lava, sometimes hanging onto the jagged pumice rocks, while other times sliding down slippery slopes on my butt. The whole while, I smiled and felt deep gratitude for the island's beauty. I kept telling the path, the rocks, and my feet even, "thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for the ease of the path. Thank you for the cool water that will feel so refreshing!" (Now, the path was FAR from easy, but that is how I wanted to perceive the path, so... that's what I kept telling myself. It's an easy hike down.)

When I finally reached the bottom, I laughed with delight as tropical fish chased each other while dodging me wading through the shallower pools. Once at the larger pool, I put my things down and sat gazing into the crystal clear olivine pool with so much love and gratitude. I looked back up at the cliffs that I just traversed and felt quite proud of myself. How many 50 year old women would do this from my neck of the woods back east? (not many) Maui pushes you to face your fears. It pushes you to do the inner work of believing in yourself. It pushes you into self love.... and play... and BLISS!

Suddenly I hear,

“Jump, jump, jump”.... and as I look around, people from atop the cliff where I began were yelling. And then I looked around and above me was a man diving head first into this little pool. As he came up laughing, I felt inspired to go look at the view from where he jumped. I climbed up the rocks and stood staring at the water of the Olivine pools below. Then I looked on the other side behind me and felt the splash of waves coming from the mighty Pacific reminding me of the power of Mother Earth.


That's what I heard coming from the ocean. That's what I heard from the island.

"When you respect the water, the water respects you. When you respect the land, the land respects you. When you respect people, they respect you."

Again I hear, “ jump, jump, jump” ... only this time, it was from my inner child.

At first, my body tightened up. I looked up at the blue skies and said, “I’m afraid”.

But the Universe reminded me... "You've been afraid most of your life... until that summer of 2017. But remember, you faced that dragon. And WON!"

Yes, since that summer of 2017, my angels and guides have kept me safe as I have kept faith and followed my heart.

Yesterday, I needed a day of introspection. I needed that reminder that even when I'm afraid, I can step forward with faith that the Universe has my back.

Two weeks from today I head to New York. With that thought comes a little fear. There's a memory held within my cells that whispers to me every now and then about this fear. BUT.... I tell those thoughts, like I would tell a child... my inner child... "the Universe has your back!".

... and then I hear those words again...”jump, jump, jump”...

and I look out to a crowd that had gathered, encouraging me to jump. AND several others were standing in line waiting THEIR turn to jump!

Oh yes! I JUMPED!!!

Hello World... it’s me!!

Gail Lynn Heil ...I jumped !!!

Again today, I take back my life! I face my fears and claim only great health, beautiful relationships, and a life of financial freedom that allows me to continue to follow my bliss!!

Maui, I love you so much ♥️ You fill my heart with so much joy! Of course I’ll be back!

Where in your life are YOU ready to jump?? Want help? You know how to reach me!

with love,


Olivine Pools Maui
JUMP!!... the Universe has your back! @ Olivine Pools Maui

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1 comentário

Chris Hobson Whalen
Chris Hobson Whalen
18 de abr. de 2019

"I jumped!"Fantastic what a great teacher you are♥️ when you toss away fear and express gratitude and lovel your heart fully opens.

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