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I asked, "Why?"

September 12 1/2, 2022

Dear Reader,

This is me at a university library engaged in research. The research, which has taken not just hours online, but has taken years of reading, analyzing, comparing data, testing hypothesis, and leading me to uncover ancient teachings, medical secrets, and scientific explanations different than what the population has been told, is what has kept ME occupied for the past few years. And it all began with my need to understand WHY a hospital allowed me to enter my mother's ICU room to find her dead, decaying body. I needed to know WHY they were pretending she was alive? I wanted to know WHY they ventilated her dead body that arrived at their ER with a body temperature of 93*. I wanted to know WHY she had hypothermia in the nursing home.

ANY normal person who entered my mom's ICU room knew the body was dead and decaying. I smelled it through the mask I was forced to wear. I saw it in the coloring of her skin and the temperature of her body as I held her hand through the blue latex gloves I was forced to wear. Looking at her, with head tilted sideways, tongue slightly escaping through her parted lips, I KNEW. And so did my sister, the following day when she and my brothers were finally able to enter the hospital to say their goodbye. ME though.... I got to go in the day before them. I had been trying to get in for the past two days. I am a minister and I wanted to see for myself the state of her being and give her spiritual healing, like I had done before in the previous hospital. BUT, because her spirit came to me the previous Sunday to tell me she was leaving her body, I had a sick feeling, a knowing, that something was not right. And finding her in this condition pushed me to the edge. I wanted answers.

I was one of the very few that didn't believe in the "covid pandemic" over the past 2-3 years. I was part of a group that has had a different understanding. I wasn't game for being told by the media or so-called "experts" the WHY or HOW or WHERE the so called covid pandemic began. I never once believed the narrative that was being BROADCAST like a spell over the tele-vision worldwide. And the reason I didn't believe the narrative is this, I overcame my OWN HEALTH ISSUES... DISEASE... over a five year period right before this hit. I overcame the disease/sickness holistically, through the power of the mind, by understanding the Laws of the Universe, and applying them to my life. That has been what my two published books have been about... the "WHY" behind why I got Lyme disease, had chronic anemia, suffered from a mini stroke, faced a mild heart attack... and getting to the bottom of it... NONE of it had to do with food, exercise, a tick, or any such worldly nonsense. (We are IN the world, not OF the world.)

Finding the solutions to my own illness, allowed me to be there for my own family and friends over the past few years. For those who asked for help in healing their "covid" diagnosis, I went to their aid to teach them, to show them a different way of looking at sickness, and help them to facilitate their own healing. And knowing, KNOWING, that the Lyme disease I experienced was a karmic debt, I began gathering data to see how people around the globe could be experiencing the (covid) due to similar reasons, a karmic debt. And I found a lot to back that theory. I observed others WISHING (casting that demonic spell), the covid fear, on others. I heard the words of some people, speaking death towards another. I also witnessed the fear that supported the elderly in manifesting the covid themself as well as seeing how the words of family members harmed their loved ones as they too cast burdens of fear, speaking fear of being diagnosed with covid, over their loved ones.

And then my mother became "infected" by the spell broadcast on the "telly". My mother, a 74 year old senior with a history of COPD, and grief, living in a nursing home, was rushed to the hospital not once, not twice, or thrice, ... but on many occasions. SHE had a lot of fear during this pandemic, which I refer to as the "pandemic simulation". But it was on her last trip to the hospital that she told me that she was leaving her physical body. It was approximately 6:32 pm on Sunday, May 23, 2020 while I was in North Carolina that my momma told me she was leaving her body, that her soul DID leave her body. And it was that final trip to the hospital that set off the red flags that pushed me to get answers.

I gathered her medical records from the various hospitals and paramedics. I reviewed each one carefully. I analyzed the data, researched diagnosis, studied, and applied what I know from my own personal experiences, what I witnessed in the hospitals, teachings from the Bible as well as other ancient civilizations and religions, quantum physics, universal laws, and the work of scientists like Sir Isacc Newton and his laws. I compared HIS laws of the universe to the Laws Moses talked about in the Bible. I compared, contrasted, gathered further evidence, made hypothesis, and found many things to be true... all from my question, "WHY??"

I figured out a lot of the "why?" And I have some of the "science", even though I am not a credentialed scientist with lots of alphabet letters after my name. I only give facts and will allow YOU to make your own hypothesis for yourself.

Further questions have risen that has kept me searching for answers and I'm sure YOU may begin to wonder the same... maybe... like...

  1. When is a person/body considered dead?

  2. Who/what determines the time of death and why does it matter?

  3. Do hospitals have the right to continue treatment on a dead body without consent?

  4. Can a patient that is sedated legally sign a consent form?

  5. Who does one contact regarding illegal experimentation on hospitalized patients?

  6. If one doctor experiments upon another doctor... are they both justified? or are there legal consequences?

  7. What if human experimentation occurred during the covid pandemic as a result of a karmic debt from WW11 and the human experiments during the Holocaust ? Is it justified? (As Moses said, eye for an eye.")

  8. What if WW11 and the Holocaust occurred as a result of the karmic debt from WW1?

  9. If ALL people followed the Golden Rule, would we ever have war? or a need for a military ANYWHERE, in any country?

  10. Are the Universal Laws REAL????? Are they science or just "woo-woo" sayings??

  11. Can scientists PROVE covid is a karmic debt?

  12. If every war, sickness, poverty and the like are karmic debt, then how does one clear karma to improve his/her life??

What questions would you add to this list? Or what solutions have you found to the problems on our planet? I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a bit of heaven on Earth! Could you handle an end to war, sickness, poverty, hatred?? Could you handle that "Heaven on Earth" that so many people talk about??

Leave me your thought... or an answer to one of the many questions and until next time...

vibe high!

Healing light to you,

Gail Lynn

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