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How to live ABUNDANTLY


Dear Reader,

How does one live abundantly among chaos in the world right now?

Well, some of the great metaphysical teachers of all times have said, "act as if". So, have you tried that yet? Do you even know what that means?

For starters, begin to imagine what you would do differently if you DID have all the abundance that you desired. How would you act? How would you treat others in your family? How would you help someone else? Where would you go for dinner? What would you buy at the mall/boutique? How would you give back?

These are some of the things to consider and then... ACT AS IF YOU DO HAVE THE MEANS!

I know, I know. You may be thinking HOW ON EARTH DO I BUY THAT EXPENSIVE OUTFIT if I don't have the money? or HOW do I financially help my brother/sister/father/friend when I'm struggling myself?

Well, everything begins in the mind. What you THINK about, you bring about. As it was written, "As a Man Thinketh".... so he is.

If you THINK you are poor, you will continue to BE poor. That means you have GOT to change your thought. Yes, that's right. It's just like author Wayne Dyer wrote about in his book, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life".

And just how do you do that?? Well.... hypnosis is one way and .... affirmations are a small part of hypnosis. Consider something, what are you affirming in your life? Are you saying "I can't afford that." Are you telling your wife/partner/family member, "I cannot afford to do that."

Here's something more to consider. the Bible says, as you give, so shall you receive. And I'm not no religious person, but I DO believe in that scripture, as that scripture, is also science! Money is simply energy. And Newton's Third Law of Motion says... well... go look it up and show the universe you're ready to do the work to receive...

Let me know what you think... and how I can help! The services I offer are all about HELPING, HEALING, Clearing negative karma and creating the life of abundance that is our birthright!

Blessings to you dear reader! Now go bless another... for as you give, so shall you receive!

With love,

Gail Lynn

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