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Hot springs Hawaii & Balneotherapy

April 15th, 2021

Dear Reader,

It was no accident that I was led to Hawaii in 2017. There have been many synchronicities in my life that make me believe we are always in the right place at the right time doing what we are meant to be doing, for example, how I was led to Hawaii, found hot springs, and found healing.

Many places around the world are known for "healing waters", yet not much has been said for Hawaii and the volcanic hot springs or lava infused mineral waters. With volcanic eruptions come many GOOD things, including water and soil enriched with minerals.

Back in 2017 while I was still battling Lyme disease, a friend invited me to visit her on Big Island Hawaii. "Hawaii is a healing place", she told me. And so I went.

I was brought to the infamous "warm ponds" where we swam every day. Each day we left the warm pond, I felt better, more energetic, lighter. As each day brought me greater vitality, I began wondering what it was that was making me feel so good. One evening I had an inspired thought to do a little research. So I began typing in the Internet search box words like, "health benefits of hot springs" and that led me to search, "minerals in volcanic lava". The more I typed in questions, the more interesting information I found. The word "balneotherapy" popped up and that led me down another road of information.

Historically, bath houses were meant for purification purposes, although over time, the baths infused with natural water from rain, springs, and rivers, became known to provide healing benefits. For me, my sick body was lacking iron, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur. Discovering the warm pond in Hawaii not only provided my body with necessary minerals, but also relieved pain and brought joy with aloha from the land. Every time I swam in the warm pond, my body received a treatment of aloha (love) and a remedy of minerals.

Here in this picture taken in February of 2019, I am soaking once again in a pool of hot springs (hot salt water infused with aloha, with minerals from Goddess Pele's eruption in 2018. Today as I sit once again on Big Island Hawaii, I bathe once again in these hot pools of aloha, feeling gratitude for the land, the aina.

Why not consider how hot springs (or hot salt water baths) could help you! Consider this information a gift to you and perhaps it will lead you to do some research of your own! May all your health wishes be fulfilled!


Gail Lynn

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