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Hospitals use REIKI??

REIKI, a form of alternative medicine called energy healing, IS indeed used by hospitals, top hospitals around the World actually, including Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins. They have been offering patients this healing modality for several years now, yet it is still widely Unknown. WHY .... I wonder??

I took my first training to become a REIKI practitioner in 2012 and I remember vividly the look on the faces of friends and colleagues when I first told them I was taking classes on this energy healing modality called REIKI. Many people looked at me as if I was out of my mind. The word "energy healing" didn't make sense to them. I would briefly explain REIKI, " it's a healing treatment where I (the practitioner) will gently place my hands on you or just slightly above your body in what is called your energy field. As I move my hands to different parts of your body (feet, legs, stomach, shoulders, head, etc.) or in your energy field, I intend, with my thoughts, for you and your body to be returned to a state of balance, of homeostasis, of good health, all for your highest and best good." Oftentimes in life, physical injury as well as emotional trauma can create energy blocks or stagnated energy in our body or the field around us and energy healers help individuals to move this energy.

REI-KI, (Japanese words, meaning God's wisdom and life force energy) is just one of many different types of alternative healing. Quantum Touch, Qigong, Acupuncture, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are some other types of energy healing. Scientists have been proving for some time now the benefits of working within the energy field of people to help patients heal and I am excited to see the many cancer centers around the world offering REIKI these days also.

Benefits that clients receive from a session are many! For example, consider the amount of daily stress most people face. After just one session, people have left my office feeling relaxed, at ease, and with a great sense of peace. One client said he felt "free". Another client who had anxiety every time he would get in his car and drive, had that anxiety eliminated! "NO MORE ANXIETY" he exclaimed one day on the phone!

REIKI works to balance energy in your body. It can work in conjunction with other treatments to help ease pain and bring about a feeling of peace and well being. I used REIKI on myself the morning I first began symptoms that were eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease. I remember all too well that summer morning. I traveled with my dad to visit relatives in New Jersey. I woke up one morning with such pain in my chest that I literally thought I was having a heart attack or going to die. Not being able to sit up in bed even, I slid my hands up to my chest and with tears rolling down my face, I implemented REIKI on myself. It took a little bit of effort to be able to focus my mind with all the pain I was experiencing, but I managed, and within a short time, I was able to get up and go find my family down at the kitchen table. That was my first experience using REIKI on myself and I attribute the pain going away to the REIKI. (Was I having a heart attack? Did the REIKI make it go away? Why didn't I use the REIKI later in the day when the pain came back with a vengeance throughout my whole body? So many questions I have since asked myself.)

Today, my belief is that REIKI and ALL energy healing modalities DO the same thing, bring in energy. There are different levels of energy just like there are different levels of volumes on your radio. A good practitioner knows how to tune into YOU and turn up the volume for YOUR highest and best. Like traditional medicine, it's tailored to YOU.

There are numerous "Miracle" stories where REIKI was used to help a patient heal, everything from infections and depression, to heart valves and strokes, to lymphoma and prostrate cancer and so much more.

Explaining how REIKI works is like explaining how energy comes into your home and from where and what is it's source... some things are just mysteries in life... left to be appreciated.

We are living in a time where MUCH is being revealed! Ancient teachings are being revealed! AND THAT... is EXCITING!!

Oh... and if you would like a session, I AM an Energy Healer and gladly gladly I invite you to come see me!

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