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December 26, 2023

Dear Reader,

Not many people know of Aunti Morrnha Nalamaku Simeona, kahuna Lapa’au from Hawaii who revised the ancient forgiveness practice of Ho’oponopono to make it more simple. She traveled throughout Europe, then on to Jerusalem, and to India. She was raised Catholic, but also studied Hinduism and Buddhism. She discovered the secrets to help people heal. She presented the Ho’oponopono technique to John Hopkins University, to medical institutions and hospitals, and to the United Nations… upon being healed herself of cancer.

Ho’oponopono is a tool that requires deep understanding and an open heart. Just as (Christ) taught, and as physics demonstrates, your intention, your faith, impacts your ability to have your prayer answered. Ho’oponopono is short and simple. My writing of this book “Return to Ho’oponopono”, came out of my desire to help people in their healing journey, to give you a tool that could easily help you heal.

The key to its success that many people haven’t realized in working with Ho’oponopono is this: ❤️ sincerity.

You can’t pretend to forgive your enemy and repeat the Ho’oponopono prayer while your heart is doing the Charlie Brown “wha-wha-wha-wha-Wha”

“Sincerity” has its own vibration.

“Resentment” has its own vibration.

You can’t pluck the “C” string on a guitar and tell a musician it’s the “F” note.

Likewise you can’t be feeling anger or resentment and think the Universe (God, Source, Infinite intelligence) believes you when you say you love and forgive your enemy.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book says, “change your thought, change your life”.

Your thinking leads to an emotion….then health or sickness.

Negative Thinking leads to anxiety.

Negative Thinking leads to heart attacks.

Negative Thinking leads to strokes.

Negative thinking leads to cancer.

It’s NEGATIVE THOUGHT that is often the ROOT CAUSE of dis-ease in the body.


it’s returning to LOVE that returns the body to wellness. ❤️

Return to Ho’oponopono 💚

Every person who is willing to open their heart to forgive, to love, will be blessed by this book. It is a great gift to give someone you love or to someone you’re angry with and most importantly the greatest gift you could give yourself.

Morrnha presented it to the United Nations…. .......and to John Hopkins…

and thousands of other institutions around the globe… was able to… because it works.

Why is it not being taught? Perhaps the same reason why hypnotherapy was taken out of curriculum at medical schools… it works.

Without sickness … economies crash.

Our governments around the world have yet to figure out what to do with people when we have no sickness and no wars… where do we put all those unemployed hospital people, nurses, insurance and pharmacy employees, soldiers, etc…

Anyone have a resolution yet?

Why not use them to do good? Why not create better systems. Why not build water systems where water is needed? Why not use them to farm land or ....

There are numerous solutions to problems, it's just a matter of implementing them. And Ho'oponopono is one solution that works.

In gratitude, I offer you these teachings that have helped me, my family, and many others over a few centuries.

Until next time,

I love you.

Rev. Gail Lynn

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