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Heart Health.... begins in the mind.

October 7, 2023

Dear Reader,

Many people these days are becoming aware of the connection between our thoughts and our health. Have YOU?

I first came across Dodie Osteen, mother of Joel Osteen, with another of her books, "Healed of Cancer" about four or five years ago. That one was a short explanation of how she used scripture to heal cancer....and yes... totally HEALED that cancer with prayer and scripture. Sounds impossible, right? I mean, most people believe they need medical treatments of chemo or some other form of drug therapy, but what if..... what if it was that simple to cure cancer... with prayer and scripture? Would you choose that route instead of chemo? She did. And if one person did, anyone can. That's my belief, If one can, anyone can!

In this here book of hers, we learn a little more about Dodie and her personal life. We find out what is in her heart. And oftentimes, if we really listen to people who are ill, if we find out what is laying heavy on their heart, we find the root cause of sickness. And when we do, there are a multitude of tools we could use to help the individual process the emotions, heal the trauma, heartache, loss, abuse, whatever is keeping the person emotionally bound and sick. When we release the energy of negative emotions that have been stuck in the body, symptoms begin to dissipate.

Thousands of stories have been written about people's healing journey. And if you follow any one of them, you learn something beneficial that could help yourself or a family member or friend in their life journey. I mean, if you like going to the doctors office, then by all means go. But for those of us who like to heal naturally, there are many options! And Dodie Osteen here shows us another way... through prayer and scripture... how healing cancer is possible!

If you know someone with cancer, why not share this blog with him/her? Why not buy a copy of Dodie's book and send it to the individual? There's nothing like a good read to help empower someone! Please, forward this, it's free, inspire someone today!

Do you have a suggestion for a good book that has empowered YOU? If so, leave a comment and share your gold nugget book title with us here and help me to empower others!

Until next time, happy reading!

Rev. Gail lynn

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