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"Hawaii" is in my genes?

March 20, 2023

Dear Reader,

Continuing with the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, bless his heart and soul, I found this old photo of me around the age of 5-6 years old wearing a t-shirt that my daddy gave me after a trip he took to Hawaii. I had forgotten he went to Hawaii with my step mom so many years ago. And seeing this photo now, I wonder.... Did wearing that shirt bring Hawaii into my life?? I mean, the words we place on water is important! Water picks up on messages, picks up our thoughts and words as energetic vibrations, as imprints!! Hawaii was imprinted into my cells at a very young age, and long forgotten, was brought back into my life in 2017 when I took my first trip to Hawaii... in search of a kahuna/shaman for healing.

My first thought as a friend invited me to come to the Big Island of Hawaii for a visit was, "Hawaii is for lovers, not for single women or sick people." I was single and sick. It took a little bit of convincing, but I finally caved in and booked a flight in April 2017. It was about a week that I was there and that is all it took to convince me that Hawaii was in my blood. Hawaii hooked me in like I was a big fish caught on its fishing line. It felt like home. It felt loving and kind and supportive and most of all, it felt familiar, like I had been there before. And over time, I began to wonder, had I been there before... as in another life... or another time??

I began to research healing in Hawaii because I had been sick with Lyme disease and the after effects of a TIA (mini stroke). And once my feet hit the island, I didn't want to leave. But my job in New York as a teacher required me to return. I. couldn't afford to quit and move and leave my pension in New York, but I wanted more of what Hawaii began giving me. So I booked another flight back to spend the entire summer there in 2017 to complete the healing that had begun.

June 22, 2017 I was on a flight back to Hawaii. The first stop was Maui and a conference to learn how to use writing as part of the healing process and then after ten days there, I was to go to the Big Island back to my friends who were showing me the ways of the island.

There were so many magical moments, mystical, mysterious happenings that occurred that I began to wonder about many other things.... like, "Who is this mysterious person that feels so familiar" and "why does Maui feel like home?" and "When did they change the name of the beaches along Lake Tiberias?" And "Why are we no longer bathing in springs like we did long ago?"

Was Hawaii my home in a past life? Was there really a beach called, "Hawaii Beach" on the Sea of Galilee? Was the mysterious man I met a past spouse, friend, or foe from the ancient days?

If I REALLY want answers to any of the questions circulating around in my head, I could just take part in a past life regression and re-experience my life from long ago... or.... I could do remote viewing and see my other "self", the coat of another name, another body on the beaches of Hawaii... or along the Sea of Galilee.

The quantum world of physics is fun.... and the new Earth emerging is for enjoyment for us ALL... not just a select few! So, you have choices in life. Choose to remain in the past world... or delve into the New World emerging. Bridge the past and present.... with aloha. Love one another... including those in your past... including your past self,

Until next time,


Gail Lynn


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