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Give me a sign…

July 18, 2022

Dear Reader,

How often have you spoken to a friend or loved one lying in the casket at a funeral? How often have you asked for a sign from yoyr loved one who has transitioned?

For the past month I’ve asked for signs and typically they come when I least expect it, like walking across the campus and a floating white puffy drifts past my face close enough to get my attention. “Hello Tony” I say.

But other times when I desire the guidance of my friend, who has also been a mentor over the past ten years, I cry out and demand greater proof that the spirit of him, Tony, is indeed trying to communicate with me, and the white puffy in my face isn’t just random.

So, just yesterday, I was walking the beach asking my sweet friend Tony in Spirit for a sign. “I don’t just want a white fluffy thing or just any old sign”, I demanded.

“I mean, how do I know it’s a REAL sign? I mean like walking along the beach, no fluffy is going to find me there.” I spoke aloud. “Or what about in the rain, how will you show up?” I asked Tony, as if he was right there with me.

“Or in winter?”

Then suddenly they began appearing. First, the drenched puffy that kept getting caught in the waves crashing the shore. Then another puffy appeared further up on the sand where it appeared it had dried out. Then I saw this feather that reminded me of the puffy and then another feather appeared right next to it, then another and another until I was led to two feathers standing side by sydecstuck in the ground… as if it were him and I still standing together as a team.

I laughed out loud.

“We can show up in any form” I heard as the giggle Tony once did resonated in my mind.

Thank you Tony for the signs… I really needed to talk to you.

And yes, I know, “you were the wings… beneath my wind! “


I hope you find your signs daily dear reader, and get the guidance you seek.


Gail Lynn

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