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Get Confident!

June 4th, 2024

Dear Reader,

I cannot begin to tell you how my own LACK OF confidence was the cause of so many of my life's problems! Some of us are just born that way because of our parent's genes. I mean, lets face it, what traits THEY had are in us. It's in our DNA yet nobody talks about that carryover. But the good news is.... you can decide right now to change that!

In the past, I remember telling my boys during their sporting events to be more confident. And when my daughter sang solo on stage for a local American Idol type event, I remember telling her to just be confident. “You have a beautuful voice so just let it shine! It will touch people’s heart.”

Looking back, I realize how futile it is just to tell someone to be confident without giving them a tool to DEVELOP confidence. I guess you can say just getting up on stage allows one to practice confidence, just by the mere act alone, but oftentimes people need something more.

Telling people to do something doesn’t often work. It reminds me also of my daughter in law who has a great phobia of snakes. Now, unless you have a phobia of something you may not understand. But you can’t just tell someone to “face your fear” or “get over it”. I watched my daughter in law run down the dirt road almost 100 yards after seeing a snake in my kayak she was about to get into. After the fact, it was a funny story. But in the moment, I felt her fear.

So how do we get over fear? Well, we do have to face it, but another tool is to find where it came from, or what is the root cause. And from my experience, hypnotherapy is great at helping people find that root cause, face it now with help, and finally be free from the torment.

Whether fear of public speaking, fear of snakes or other critters, fear of trying something new, or even fear of failure at school or a job, hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people!

Way back when I was a school teacher, I used to have a fear of my boss, the principal who had direct charge over me. I had SO MUCH FEAR that I actually caused a mild heart attack.

Go figure! That was some pretty strong fear that caused a fight or flight response that terrorized me. Why… well… that was for me to discover!

Why do people have fears of snakes? God gave us dominion over the creatures of the earth. Why do we fear getting up on stage or for some people drive a car, or like me, fear their boss? There’s always a past experience, a past memory that is hidden deep in the cells of our body. And we can heal that… before it causes us to get sick. We can heal that so we aren’t terrorized. We can heal that so we can live happier, healthier, lives!

I originally got trained in hypnotherapy as part of my research for a book project. But then I realized how beneficial it is, how helpful and freeing it can be that I wanted to offer it as a service to help others.

If you have a fear or phobia you’d like to get rid of, consider giving hypnotherspy a try! You’ll be glad you did! There’s no need to live with fear in our life. Free up that space for greater joy to enter!

Until next time,

Consider facing your fears…with hypnotherapy!

Rev. Gail Lynn

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