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Feeling A little overwhelmed?

September 18, 2021

Dear Reader,

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed these days?

Between the media, friends, and so called, "experts", trying to tell us what is REALLY happening in our world, our mind is surely on overload. Trying to decipher what the truth really is and how to go about navigating the stress of information overload is overwhelming for some people. And as hard as you try to avoid conversations and information that comes at you, it keeps coming. It's in our face every single day. BUT... what if you look at all these events, news headlines, all the information coming at you, as an opportunity for you to be your own hero/heroine?

Looking back on my own life of tribulations, today, I am thankful for those difficult times. They helped me to be fearless through this past 18 months of craziness. Those trials, the sickness I faced, the Lyme disease, the mini-stroke, the mild heart attack, ALL of it, brought me to the place where I am today that I was able to sit alongside my mother, "covid positive", and help her in her healing journey remaining fearless! The troubles I faced, the obstacles, the sickness all led me to realize something... "Self Realization" ... is the journey, To "know thyself" is why we are here. The scripture, or quote, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God" has come to be a significant verse in my teachings. Why? Not because of church stuff; not at all!! BUT... because of secret teachings within pieces of literature (the Bible, the Torah, the Hermetic teachings). All these teachings, when you put the puzzle pieces together, lead us to a better understanding of who we are as humans.

We are here as humans, draped with a physical body. But as Spiritual beings, Spirit, we are here for a reason. And the journey, The Heroine's Journey (or Hero's), is about this path we are walking in life that helps us to blossom as divine beings, as gods and goddesses, creating life as we go. We are "Made in the Image of God".

Genesis 1:27 states, "God created man in his own image." YOU ... and I ... are gods/goddesses in blossom! How does it feel knowing that YOU create everything in your life? Breathe... it's okay if you haven't created the best of times yet. I was a horrible creator for the first 50 years of my life! But knowing who I AM, a Creator, I deliberately set out to create GREAT things!! And meanwhile, I have to teach. As I visit family, helped my momma in the hospital, and share wisdom with friends, I am doing my part to help others blossom. You dear reader, are a god/goddess blossoming! And the trials are here to help you practice the teachings... if you so choose. You have free will! But don't worry if you don't get it this time around. As energy cannot be created nor destroyed, you will have another opportunity to get it! Breathe.... and take these steps each morning and each night if you so choose:

  1. Pray, Diving Spirit, show me who I am.

  2. Listen, and observe in the mind the response that comes.

  3. Act as if you are God. Act like it. Love. Believe. Faith. Kindness. Generosity. Prosperous. ALL things are possible with God (imagination/mind/love/forgiveness). How will you act differently knowing you are a god and can do all things?

I wish you GREAT creations gods & goddesses!!

I love you truly,

Gail Lynn

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