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Every Little Cell in Your Body Is Vibrating

March 17th, 2024

Dear Reader,

The study of the brain, of the mind, of meditation and consciousness has offered men and women greater understanding of how the world works. For those who study and research, much knowledge has been gleaned and due to much of my past experience with sickness, I was (I don't think fortunate is quite the word, but perhaps) I was fortunate to be part of groups of people who have studied and researched how the world works. And what is important is that it's the application of the learning that makes learning meaningful. For what good is reading a book, what good is knowing how to cure a disease, or treat a symptom, or build a home or bridge, develop a city, or initiate anything unless you take the action? What good is it to read about playing a guitar or do spiritual healing if you don't put it into practice?

I started playing a guitar a few years ago, had a few lessons with a friend, learned some things, LOVED the sound of the acoustics, but I just wasn't comfortable holding the guitar and pressing the strings so tight to get the right vibration going to make the proper sound for the chords. My fingers weren't strong enough and the vibration was off. The basic chords did not resonate. My harmony was off. Everything about my playing was off. I didn't practice much nor study musical scales. Playing music was just not my thing. BUT... I learned something about energy and vibration by playing around with musical instruments that I could relate to other things in my life, like health and healing for example.

I love to learn and love to research. Since overcoming my past health challenges by doing my own research, it has become a habit to pick up my phone and start looking into solving a health problem whenever I hear of someone speaking of their problem. And what's more, I DON"T look at conventional means for solving the problem. For example, since having Lyme disease and discovering it was my karma, I like to hear others' stories of Lyme disease or any sickness for that matter to see if I can figure out where it came from. I mean... most people think that Lyme disease comes from a tick, and well... that may be "part" true... but really, the tick is simply the messenger... similar to the post man delivering the mail. Have you ever wondered why ticks effect some people, but not ALL people?

Many people in the spiritual field say that life is a game of giving and receiving. We receive something, because we gave something. In scripture, you would find many a passage that refers to this statement and validating its truth. For example, in the book of Galatians 6:7, it says, "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. " Reaping and sowing is the same as giving and receiving. To put it in the words of Sir Issac Newton in the realm of physics, "for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction." Every action, every thought, every spoken word is energy and all energy can be recorded as having a particular vibration/ frequency. It's not just physical matter that is energy and vibration, color and emotions can be rated with a frequency/vibration. And why does this matter? Everything vibrates. Everything is energy.

Consider yourself a walking lightbulb with a particular voltage. How many watts are you emanating? Would you consider yourself a "bright light" with 150watts? Are you radiating love and bliss for everyone and everything and everywhere you go? If so, that is pretty amazing because I would say that means you are a pretty healthy person. Our health can be gauged by our emotions and vibrations. (Know how many people were angry during the pandemic? How about those staff members who knew what was happening, do you think they are feeling guilty? And are you aware of cancer being on the rise now? Know why?

Looking at Hawkins scale of consciousness, or Ester Hicks scale of emotions, (its as easy as a google search) you would see clearly, in order to have a high(er) vibration, hence healthier vibration, a person would have to have a vibration of love, appreciation, peace and joy. And of course at the opposite end of health, which is sickness or dis-ease, you would find the emotional vibration of guilt, unworthiness, shame, and despair. (See Abraham Hicks Scale of Emotions/ Hawkins' Levels of Consciousness)

So, one can easily conclude, the answer to "Why am I sick?" is because... one has lingered too too long in the lower vibrational emotional states. And so it would be easy to infer then that for one to feel better and be healed, it would be necessary to raise one's vibration, your emotional status if you will, to that of joy and feeling good. As Abraham says, "Nothing is as important as feeling good." Once I recognized this, I began putting my awareness more and more on gauging how I was feeling each day. This became most significant for me months after the loss of my mother and then a dear friend a few months shortly thereafter. I was not in a good place. I lingered in the area of hatred and blame for way too long. Even though anger and resentment were justified, it's not my consciousness decision to remain in those emotions. I HAD to do something about it.

Too many people have been unaware of what has been happening in our world. In particular, many people don't know how simulations, even those run in the mind, create reality. Simulations are creating epidemics and pandemics and wrecking havoc upon humanity, upon our loved ones, and ignorance of how life works has led to many deaths. My mother was effected by this ignorance and finding her dead in the hospital in May of 2021 resulted in my hatred towards many. I watched my mom suffer for months, fearing what she saw on the media and experiencing the loneliness of isolation. All of these emotions are at the lower end of the Hawkins scale WHICH is the same area where sickness would be placed. Where there is hatred, long standing resentment, there is sickness. The cells in our body vibrate at a frequency that come from our emotional state. Therefor, the best way to stay healthy, I have learned, is to do as author Joseph Campbell so nicely says, "Follow Your Bliss!"

Whatever puts you in the state of joy, peace, love, enthusiasm, eager for the day... do that to maintain good health. If you are struggling at the lower end of the scale though, simply find the next step up on the scale and get there... and then the next... and the next... and the next... and before long... you'll be a happy, healthy, high vibe soul aligning with greater good. Losing a loved one is difficult, staying stuck in negative emotions causes even greater difficulty. Catch yourself before lingering too long in a low vibe. Do something different to raise your vibration, dance, exercise, play music, walk in nature, meditate, take a trip, just do something that will help you rise in love and happiness.

Your vibration is the key to your health! Every cell in your body is vibrating.

according to the frequency of your emotions. Be happy!!

Until next time, reader, follow your bliss!

Rev. Gail Lynn

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