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Energy Healers and psychic surgery

April 1, 2021

Dear Reader,

The many stages of my life story, as outlined in the table of contents of my book, "The Heroine's Journey; a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws" took me to many interesting places over the years. One such place is a spiritual community called Lily Dale, a tiny little hamlet in western New York where I began learning about spiritual healing, also called hands on healing. Over the years, I studied other forms of energy healing as well, including REIKI, and other "name branded" modalities. My first class on spiritual healing began ten years ago and has progressed not only through classes (theory) but real life experiences, including self healing.

I have worked as a spiritual healer in my church and community since the winter of 2011. I have learned various vocabulary, techniques, and modalities in regards to healing the physical body and I have listened to the ways various people have coined a new name for their own way of using energy healing techniques. What it all boils down to though is energy. WE are spirit beings in a physical body here on this planet having a physical life experience. WE are energy.

To witness energy blow up a balloon, scuff your feet across a carpeted floor and place the balloon beside your head. Watch your hair stand up on end. Then place the balloon between your hands and gently push it in and feel the resistance. Next, drop the balloon and continue pulsing your hands together and feel the energy still there between your hands. Slowly move your hands apart and see how long you can hold that energy. Fun, huh? Lastly, place your hands around the leaves of a plant. Feel the energy coming from the plant. Did you know you can exchange energy with a plant? (I suggest you telepathically ask permission from the plant first!)

Many places around the world use energy healing including hospitals, hospices, and of course, those of us in the metaphysical world of energy healing. It's not new. Ancient civilizations have used energy healing, but it's been forgotten wisdom. Now though, as more people have rediscovered this and USE it, the medical profession is recognizing this modality, giving energy healing more credence. As such, even more people are wanting to learn how to do energy healing and incorporate self healing into their own daily routines! It's easy! AND... Energy healing isn't just for those who are sick. Like any wellness program, it's wise to be preventative. Beginning each day with a spiritual practice of boosting your immune system is a good idea! An energy infusion practice I incorporate into my day is like a shot of B12, only it's done energetically.

Let me give you one last food for thought...

Surgery.... can be done energetically too! Psychic surgery... surgery from a distance really happens! So... consider this... what the future holds for generations to come, is something many of you have never even heard of... but is possible... is happening already!

Now ask yourself... what does that mean TODAY???? In a time of a world pan*****.

ALL things are possible for those who believe!!

With love and gratitude for all the obstacles that have challenged me, I invite you to consider how energy healing can help YOU and YOUR family!

Take back your life! Be the hero/heroine of your own life!

I love you,

Gail Lynn

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