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Doing Life Differently

May 8, 2024

Dear Reader,

Is there someone in your life (a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker) who had their life turned upside down this past year or two? Whether it's a death of a loved one, a breakup of a relationship, a loss of a job/income, or simply depression from the state of the world, you can be the positive change for someone. YOU could be the one person put on their path, in their life, to help them get right side up, to offer them hope, to give them a reason to smile again, or even a reason to live.

There have been many times in my own life when life seems to have turned upside down for me. And I've prayed (or screamed) to the sky, to God, to the invisible realm that may be listening, that I need help. And believe it or not, when I've REALLY put my heart into that prayer or plea, I've had responses. I mean, it was down right crazy one time how the response came. I got exactly what I asked for when I screamed at God.... no lie... so I KNOW there is something listening. Isn't that what "God" is, that ear that listens to our prayer, whether or not that prayer is spoken aloud or kept silent in our thoughts? So, I have to ask, what prayers are YOU putting out to the universe today?

There are times when I am in need of help, but more often than not, I try to keep my thoughts (prayers) on asking the universe how I can be a blessing to others. I want to bring joy to others. And it never fails, I'm always led to someone in need. And I'm SURE the reason why, is that the person put out a plea to the universe. It's the Law of Vibration but also, you know the old saying, right? "Ask and you shall receive".

My mission in life, is to bring light to the world, to bring peace and happiness and good health to those who are in need. When I became ordained as a minister many years ago, I didn't intend to have a church, a building of my own where people went on Sundays. For me, ministry happens on the fly, as you go about your day and cross paths with the sad face in line at the grocery store or at the gas station. It's the every day people and situations that give us ALL an oppportunity to minister to somone. A few months ago, I was led to family members to assist, but then I was called to go further in my travels to assist an elderly woman from India. Taking on a job as a caregiver, as a minister, as a friend, assitant, or whatever name you want to call it, can be a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job sometimes.

I think the past four years on Earth has gotten us all to look at life differently. Look at how people are working at jobs nowadays, remotely from anywhere in the world. Look at how telehealth (and energy healing) has changed how more people are doing healing these days. Look at how all people are calling out for help AND receiving help these days.

I am presently offering my services to someone that asked for help and it wasn't your typical job posting that I replied to with detailed work duties and work hours. It is a 24/7 kind of job. It means getting up at 3am to listen to the one who cries out for help. It means eating what they eat, when they eat, and doing what's needed to help the individual get back on his/her feet, whether cleaning, cooking, driving to the store, or listening. It means doing what is needed before even being asked. It means responding to life and needs differently. It's saying "yes" to God when you hear, "I need help".

Times are different. And just like the accounts in the days of scripture, as the disciples went town to town assisting people, so too are many doing that today. And these "jobs" are not posted in a newspaper or ad anywhere, but rather, these jobs come from God. And the pay... oftentimes... is not financial. It is a whisper of thanksgiving, a whistle coming from the kitchen as tea is being poured, or a flood of tears and a smile when something good was accomplished.

It's not easy working for God, for the Universe, as it requires faith. It requires trust. It requires courage and strength to go against the voices of old that says, thats not how we do things. But ultimately, in a way, its part of our purpose here... all of our purpose... to "love one another". If you were to simply change your reaction today from anger to love, if you were to do a random act of kindness every day, if you were to offer food to the hungry today, you are fulfilling the mission you came here to do. When you lend an ear to the grieving, you fulfill the mission to love. When you take someone to lunch or invite a shut-in over for dinner, when you practice acts of love to the one in NEED, you are fulfilling the greatest mission here on Earth...the Law of Love... and you just may be the reason why someone turns their life rightside up again... why someone shines their light again... why someone chooses life over death today.

YOU... can be that for someone else right now and not even know it. So why not look at life differently. AND I guarantee you.... if its YOU that is in need right now.... if it is YOU that is struggling.... I guarantee you, find someone to help and as you do your due diligence bringing light to someone else... I guarantee you... YOUR life will improve. The univese works like that. So why not try it out, speak out the words, "God, Universe, Intelligence, how may I serve and be a light to someone else today?"

Until next time reader, I'm off to light another match!

With great love,

Rev. Gail Lynn

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