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Did Jesus really walk on water?

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Dear Reader,

Looking at this here photo that a new friend took the other day, a few things come to mind. First and foremost, I think of Jesus and the story of him walking on water. Is it really possible to walk on water? Do you think he really did?? Or is that just a myth?

Since my friend has been a worldwide traveler her whole life and working under the United Nations gets to see parts of the world I've only dreamed of, I imagine myself touring the world like she does. Last year, I wanted to go to Israel before hiking the Camino from France to Spain. I wanted to go to the Sea of Galilee and see where Mary of Magdala had demons removed and Jesus walked on water and performed miracles. That trip was to be the beginning of me facing a lot of fears, but then, as you'd have it, I had to come back to the states.

The courage my friend has though, is beyond me. I look at the plants/weeds lurking below the water here and I tell her, "Not me, I'm not getting in there. There's creatures in there!" She laughs at me, not in a bad way, but in a way that I laugh too. She has been in war torn countries where there really is something to fear. Creatures lurking among the weeds scare me enough that I won't go in the water until it's deep enough for those there weeds to not be touching me.

Fear is a funny thing. As parents we teach our kids fear at a very young age. Always saying, "Be careful of..... " (go ahead and fill in the blank). I remember the comment, "be careful of the edge of the dock. You could fall in and drown." I also remember, "don't go outside with your hair wet, you'll get sick." My fears of the weeds and fish swimming among them seem so silly in comparison to what people in other countries have to fear. But still... they are my fears. I think my friend has inspired me to get over that fear. I think next week, I'll jump right off my board and into those there weeds and prove I AM courageous! ... Yes, next week... when the weather is warm and the water is still ...and until then, I'll lift up those in other countries and bless them and send them my love that they too can overcome whatever obstacle, whatever fear, is in their life.

What fear do you have? How did it get programmed into your mind? Was it from an overprotective parent/grandparent? Was it from a big brother or sister or teacher or minister? And how could you overcome that fear this week??

You know what they say, the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Do you know why?

I'll leave that for next time....


Gail Lynn

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